Joe Jackson 06.16.16


JoeJackson-2016-1564On Thursday June 16th, Joe Jackson kicked off his summer 2016 tour by performing to a sold out show at the Scottsdale Center For The Performing Arts.  This tour is promoting his latest studio album, Fast Forward.  Joe explained that the Fast Forward album is a combination of 4 sessions that he did in New York, Berlin, Amsterdam and New Orleans.  Originally, he wanted to release each session as a separate LP, but instead was convinced to combine them into a single album.  Joe and the band came into town a couple of days early so they could rehearse for the tour.  Joe said that unlike a lot of other bands, they don’t like to play the same set each night, but like to change up the nightly set to keep things fresh.  Joe and the band played a combination of new Fast Forward songs and older hits during their 2 hour show.

The show started with Joe doing a solo set of 6 songs on his Roland RD800 piano.  The second song, Home Town was about revisiting his childhood home town of Portsmouth, England.  His longtime bassist, Graham Maby joined Joe on the 1979 hit song, Is She Really Going Out With Him.  During the next song, Real Men, Joe and Graham were joined by Doug Yowell on drums and Teddy Kumpel on guitar.  Joe explained during the show that Kings of the City is about kids from a small town moving to a big city and discovering what is different and what is lost.  Later they played Scary Monsters, a cover of a David Bowie song.  After Sunday Papers, they did Keep On Dreaming and Ode to Joy, from the New Orleans Fast Forward session. They complete the main set with Joe’s top 20 hit, Steppin Out.

After a few minutes, Joe and the band came back and played a 3 song encore.  During the last song, Slow Song, each of the band member slowly bowed and left the stage, with Joe being the last as his piano completed the song.

Review and Photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Danny Zelisko Presents

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2016

Set List:                                               (Album)
Joe Solo set
It’s Different For Girls                       (I’m The Man)
Home Town                                           (Big World)
Be My Number Two                             (Body and Soul)
Take It Like A Man                               (Volume 4)
Girl                                                            (Beatles Cover)
Fast Forward                                           (Fast Forward)
Joe and Band set:
Is She Really Going Out With Him   (Look Sharp!)
Real Men                                                   (Night and Day)
Can’t Get What You Want                   (Body and Soul)
If It Wasn’t For You                               (Fast Forward, New York Session)
Kings of The City                                    (Fast Forward, New York Session)
A Little Smile                                           (Fast Forward, Amsterdam Session)
Another World                                        (Night and Day)
The Other Me                                           (Laughter & Lust)
Scary Monsters                                       (David Bowie Cover)
Sunday Papers                                         (Look Sharp!)
Keep On Dreaming                                (Fast Forward, New Orleans Session)
Ode To Joy                                                 (Fast Forward, New Orleans Session)
Steppin’ Out                                            (Night and Day)
See No Evil                                               (Fast Forward, Television Cover)
One More Time                                       (Look Sharp!)
Slow Song                                                 (Night and Day)



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