Trivium & Sabaton at Marquee Theatre


Trivium – Silence In The Snow Tour


The lights go out, over the sound system comes Iron Maiden’s Run For The Hills.  The crowd starts to sing along with the song.  At first a few and as the song progresses, almost everyone is singing.  The hall is flooded with the voices of over a 1000 people singing.  As the song ends, the crowd is revved up and yelling for Trivium.  The band comes out and starts the show with Strife a fan favorite since a lot of people know it from the video game “Guitar Hero: Live”.  Trivium is an American heavy metal band from Orlando, Florida.  Their music style has changed over the years from metalcore to trash metal to melodic death metal.  According to Wikipedia, “Trivium‘s music mixes “soaring” and “crushing” riffs, dual guitar harmonies, double bass drum patterns and occasional blast beats and breakdowns that one can expect from the metalcore genre. Vocally Trivium combines both singing along with heavy screaming and growls.”  Trivium is made up of Matt Heafy on guitar and lead vocals, Corey Beaulieu on guitar and vocals, Paolo Gregoletto on bass and vocals and Paul Wandtke on drums.

Corey Beaulieu & Matt Heafy

This tour is in support of their latest album, Silence In The Snow.  However, their set consisted of a mixture of songs covering all of their album, from their first, Ember to Inferno to their latest.  By the middle of the set, the crowd was really into it and had a Mosh pit going with about 20 people and a number of people started to crowd surf.  The set ended with Paul being left on stage and doing a drum solo.  Afterward the crowd was yelling and screaming wanting the band to come back for more.  Trivium returned to perform In Waves as their encore.  Matt told the crowd that they should shout the two words, “In Waves” during the song to help support him, and did they.  I thought the start of the set when they sang Run For The Hills was loud, this was even louder.  You can always tell how well a band does by how the crowd reacts at the end of the show.  By this crowd’s reaction, Trivium did an outstanding job.  Everyone seemed to be very happy, even though they all wanted more.  For true metal fans, I don’t believe we can ever get enough.

Reviews and photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Lucky Man
Venue: Marquee Theatre

Sabaton – The Last Stand Tour


I saw Sabaton last year when they came to Arizona with Nightwish.  A friend, another metal head, told me that I would really like them and, boy, was he right.  They are now one of my top 10 metal bands.  Sabaton is a power metal band from Falun, Sweden.  The majority of the band’s songs are based on war and historical battles with a lot about World War I and II.  The band is known for wearing “Snow or Winter” camouflage pants and Joakim Brodén, their lead singer and front man, wearing a SDL Metal Plate Vest.  The band currently consists of founding members Joakim Brodén (Lead Vocals) and Pär Sundström (Bass), along with Chris Rörland (Lead Guitar), Hannes Van Dahl (Drums) and their newest member, Tommy Johansson (Lead Guitar).


Sabaton is one of those bands that you must see live.  Their albums are good, but their real power and energy come across during their live shows.  Joakim was constantly moving around interacting with the other band members and the audience.  Pär Sundström, their bassist, also ran around the stage.  They even had 2 mic stands setup for him on either side of the stage for his backing vocals.  Everyone in the group has long hair, except Joakim.  In real metal fashion, they were constantly head banging and their long hair was flying everywhere.  Both Chris and Tommy are fine guitarists and complement each other by switching off as lead guitarists.  Pär and Hannes provided the rich heavy rhythm and beat, while Chris and Tommy provide the power driven riffs as Joakim slams the lyrics throughout the hall.  The audience was spellbound and demanding more each time the band finished a song.  At the end of the main set, you heard the thunderous chant of the crowd, “SAB  A  TON   SAB  A  TON” over and over demanding an encore.

Tommy Johansson & Pär Sundström

They just released their newest album, The Last Stand in August and are now touring in support of that album.  Two of their songs from that album are real standouts: Sparta and Lost Battalion.  They played both during our show and the audience loved it.  They also covered songs from their other albums include the show opener, Ghost Division from the album The Art of War.  During another The Art of War song, 40:1, the crowd really got into it and sang along with the band.  A couple of times during the song Joakim pointed the mic at the crowd to pick up their singing which drew the audience in even more.  Unlike later, the audience did not crowd surf or mosh, but instead were jumping, raising their fists and singing along to the songs.  Based on the audience reactions and the number of fans wearing Sabaton shirts, I truly believe that Sabaton could carry the next USA tour as the headliner.

Joakim Brodén

Prior to the last song at each show, Joakim invites a child up on the stage.  He asks the child if this is their 1st concert and if the kid says no, then Joakim acts hurt and the rest of the band just laughs.  They let the kid rock out with the band during the last song and then give the kid some band items: a pick, drum stick, and the show’s setlist.  The last time I saw Sabaton, they had a little boy about 5 or 6 come on the stage and he really was into the music and actually rocked out with the band on the last song.  This night a little girl, about 4 years old was brought on stage by her father.  The problem this time, was the little girl wanted nothing to do with the band.  I blame the father for putting his little girl in this position just so he could get all of the goodies, when there were other little kids that really wanted to go up there and rock out with the band.  The best thing was Joakim and the band were cool with it and just played the last song.  Afterwards they still gave the little girl and her father all of the goodies.  If you go to their show and want to take your child, please make sure they wear good ear protection and if you want to have them be selected to go on stage, please make sure that the child really wants to do it and will rock out with the band.

Trivium & Sabaton Crowd At Marquee Theatre

Each year, Sabaton and their home town, Falun, put on a festival called “Open Air”.  It is now becoming one of the big festivals in Europe each summer.  This year was their biggest event ever covering 3 days with over 20 bands.  They also have a cruise that they do each year where they play a concert and have a special guest band join them.  In the USA, they play mainly in smaller venues which allows the band a more personal interaction with the audience.  However, the smaller stages do limit what they can do on stage and definitely limit any real special effects.  It would really be a treat to see Sabaton on the huge stage like “Open Air” with fireworks and special effects.  If you get the chance to see Sabaton, whether it is in a small venue or large festival, do it.  You too might come away with a real love for this band and their music.




The tour started with Huntress as the opening band.  However, for tonight’s show a local Phoenix Arizona band, Soundmankillz was the opening band.  They are a metal band formed by the lead guitarist Eddie “Elo-Killz” Lopez.  When they first came out on stage I thought they were just a gimmick with their faces painted and Eddie with his spooky contact lenses.  However after listening to them, I must say they are very talented.  They have produced 2 CDs, with their latest, Until the End just being released.  Soundmankillz current line-up consists of: Jeremy “J-Kill” Karle (Lead Vocals), Eddie “Elo-Killz” Lopez (Lead Guitar), Maus Kuhtier (Guitar), Nate “N” Gullickson (Bass) and Bobby Blades (Drums).  They play a lot of the local bars in the greater Phoenix area and if you like metal music, give this band a look.

All photos © Fred Kuhlman 2016

Sabaton Setlist:                               (Album)
Ghost Division                                   (The Art of War)
Sparta                                                   (The Last Stand)
Blood of Bannockburn                    (The Last Stand)
Swedish Pagans                                 (The Art of War)
Carolus Rex                                         (Carolus Rex)
40:1                                                        (The Art of War)
Lost Battalion                                     (The Last Stand)
To Hell And Back                               (Heroes)
Winged Hussars                                (The Last Stand)
Night Witches                                    (Heroes)
Primo Victoria                                    (Primo Victoria)

Trivium Setlist:                                                    (Album)
Strife                                                                           (Vengeance Falls)
A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation             (Ascendancy)
Forsake Not the Dream                                         (In Waves)
Rise Above the Tides                                              (Silence In The Snow)
Throes of Perdition                                                 (Shogun)
Silence In The Snow                                               (Silence In The Snow)
Entrance of the Conflagration                            (The Crusade)
Requiem                                                                     (Ember to Inferno)
Dusk Dismantled                                                    (In Waves)
Until the World Goes Cold                                   (Silence In The Snow)
Down from the Sky                                                (Shogun)
Rain                                                                             (Ascendancy)
Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr      (Ascendancy)
In Waves                                                                    (In Waves)


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