Foreigner 10.16.16

Super Moon

The Super Moon on Sunday October 16 wasn’t the only thing at The Pool at Talking Stick Resort that was amazing.  The temperatures in Arizona might be cooling off, but tonight the crowd was in for some great hot classic rock and roll.  Foreigner came to town and the crowd was treated to a concert of their greatest hits.  The current Foreigner lineup consists of founding member Mick Jones (Guitar, Keyboards), Chris Frazier (Drums), Jeff Pilson (Bass, Keyboards), Kelly Hansen (Lead Vocals), Michael Bluestein (Keyboards, Bass) and Tom Gimbel (Flute, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Sax).  However, this night, Mick was not present and was replaced by Bruce Watson on lead guitar.  Foreigner is known for their driving guitar riffs, pounding bass and searing vocals.  From the very start, the band came out powering through one hit after another and the crowd loved it.  Everyone was standing, dancing and singing along with each of the songs.

Kelly Hansen & Bruce Watson

The night started with Bruce laying down the guitar riffs, Kelly enthralling the audience with his vocals and the entire band harmonizing the choruses during “Double Vision”.  It only got better as they moved into “Head Games” with the driving bass and drum rhythms as Kelly started to move around on the stage singing with Tom, Bruce and Jeff.  During the next song, Kelly jumped off of the stage and over the barrier into the crowd as he sang “Cold As Ice” doing high fives and shaking hands as he moved through the audience.  At the same time, Tom and Bruce moved to the center of the stage and started jamming together.  Next we got Tom on keyboards laying down a hypnotic melody was the band moved into “Waiting For A Girl Like You”.  Later, everyone in the band came out front to sing “Say You Will”.  Tom started by playing the flute, and the band joined Kelly in harmonizing as Bruce played acoustic guitar.  During “Urgent”, Tom came out to center stage and played a saxophone solo.  At the same time, Kelly was off to the side playing a cow bell (shades of Saturday Night Live).  The only time the non-stop hits slowed was during the keyboard and drum solos done by Michael and Chris.  The main set ended with another fan favorite, “Jukebox Heroes”.

Kelly & Youth Choir

After a few minutes, the band came back on stage to perform a 3 song encore.  They started with “Long, Long Way From Home “.  During the second song, “I Want To Know What Love Is”, a local school choir came on stage and sang with the band.  It was amazing to see the choir and the band sing Foreigner’s #1 hit.  Once the choir left, the band did their last song “Hot Blooded”.  The crowd went crazy screaming and singing along.  As always the crowd wanted more, but what they got was almost every hit Foreigner has had.

I would have hated trying to sleep at the hotel while this hard rocking show was going on.  Between the thundering music and the cheering fans, the sound level was amazing.  Foreigner is another one of those classic rock bands that you really need to see live.  Their studio album cuts are great, but they really come alive during their live performances.  Granted, the only original member of the band is Mick Jones, but some of the current members have been with the band for over 10 years and after the first song you would be hard pressed to know the difference.

Review and photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Danny Zelisko Presents
Venue: The Pool at Talking Stick Resort

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2016

Setlist:                                            (Album)
Double Vision                                 (Double Vision)
Head Games                                    (Head Games)
Cold As Ice                                       (Foreigner)
Waiting For A Girl Like You        (4)
Dirty White Boy                              (Head Games)
Say You Will                                     (Inside Information)
Feels Like The First Time             (Foreigner)
Urgent                                                (Foreigner)
Keyboard / Drum Solo
Jukebox Hero                                    (4)
Long, Long Way From Home       (Foreigner)
I Want To Know What Love Is      (Agent Provocateur)
Hot Brooded                                      (Double Vision)


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