The Musical Box 02.21.2017

The Musical Box

On Tuesday February 21st, Danny Zelisko Presents brought the Genesis tribute band, The Musical Box, to the Scottsdale Center For The Performing Arts.  Tonight’s performance was a recreation of the classic 1973 Genesis’s Selling England By The Pound concert.  During 1973 and 1974, Genesis toured promoting the album and the concerts were a mix of outstanding music and theatrics.  All tribute bands attempt to recreate the original band’s sound and look and for most tribute bands this is an easy task.  But to recreate the 1973 Genesis tour, The Musical Box members had to not only learn the music, but also had to recreate the original stage sets and locate the instruments that the band played in 1973.  To complicate the process, there was no original written musical score for the songs so the band had to recreate the songs by ear.

I did not get to see the original 1973 concert, so I had to locate a copy of the original concert on YouTube that was released from the Genesis vault.  It was amazing to see that The Musical Box got it all right.  The only thing I saw that was different was the bass player was left handed while the Genesis bassist, Mike Rutherford was right handed.

The Musical Box

The amazing part of the show was how perfectly Denis Gagné recreated the theatrics of Peter Gabriel.  In the original concert, Peter wore a number of different outrageous costumes and went through a number of different stage theatrics.  Each of the costumes were recreated perfectly and Denis did an outstanding job of performing all of the stage antics including the “Cosmic Lawnmower”.  Denis Champoux did a great job of playing Steve Hackett on lead guitars including the opening to the title song, “Selling England By The Pound”.  Sébastien Lamothe was outstanding recreating Mike Rutherford guitar work including playing the Rickenbacker double-neck guitar.  Phil Collins’ drum kit was a match and Martin Levac even wore white coveralls like Phil.  The band was rounded out by David Myers on keyboards.  From what I was able to see it looked like the original setup that Tony Banks used.

People who are going to this show must understand that The Musical Box is recreating the original 5 member Genesis progressive rock band 0f the 70s with lead singer Peter Gabriel.  This is different than the music done by Genesis in the 80s and 90s when Phil Collins was lead singer.  If you like the early Genesis music, then this is definitely a show you have to see.  The band has done an amazing amount of work to recreate this concert and it shows in how good it is.

Review and photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Danny Zelisko Presents
Venue: Scottsdale Center For The Performing Arts

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2017


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