Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie thrill fans at Comerica Theatre

Lindsey Buckingham and Chrsitine McVie perform at Comerica Theatre on July 26, 2016 (Photo by Greg Cohen).

It’s fun watching fans get excited listening to their favorite artists performs live.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a 15-year-old watching a contemporary chart-topping act or a 50-year-old geeking-out over an artist they loved back when they were 15.  The excitement is real, palpable and infectious.  That’s the way it was at the Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie concert at Comerica Theatre on July 25.  The Live Nation produced show featured Buckingham and McVie performing tracks from their recently released album of duets along with hits from their days performing together in Fleetwood Mac.

Their current duets are nice.  Musically, many of them don’t stray too far from Buckingham’s and McVie’s Fleetwood Mac musical roots.  The new material blended nicely with the Fleetwood Mac songs they have selected to perform on this tour, which makes sense because this could have been a Fleetwood Mac album if Stevie Nicks was willing to participate.  But Nicks wasn’t so Buckingham and McVie made it on their own with the help of Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie.  The new work blends so seamlessly that at times I wasn’t sure if the song being played was new material from their recent album or an older Fleetwood Mac song I just didn’t immediately recognize.

But the new material isn’t why fans were there.  The crowd came to hear the classic Fleetwood Mac songs on which most of them grew up.  And they received just enough to come away mostly satisfied.  Nine out of the nineteen songs on the setlist were Fleetwood Mac songs with another two being Buckingham’s solo work.  I say mostly satisfied because I suspect that each person in the audience has their own Fleetwood Mac favorite that they were hoping to hear.  They played Tusk, which is my personal favorite and did a terrific job with it.  That being said, I would have loved to have heard live the acoustic version of Big Love that Buckingham has played to perfection over the past number years.   My son had hoped to hear The Chain live.  It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the Fleetwood Mac catalogue is so deep that there’s no way they could have played every song everyone wanted to hear and still had room for their own current work.  And they played enough Fleetwood Mac that most fans should have been somewhat satisfied.

Musically, Buckingham and McVie are terrific.  Buckingham’s guitar play remains tremendous.  Their voices, together, are really what makes their duets work together as well as they do.  Their voices play off of each other in a give and take.  You still hear from them the harmony that helped make their work as part of Fleetwood Mac so incredibly successful, interesting and fun.


Set List:

·         TroubleLindsey Buckingham
·         Wish You Were HereFleetwood Mac
·         Never Going Back AgainFleetwood Mac
·         Shut Us DownLindsey Buckingham
·         Sleeping Around the CornerBuckingham / McVie
·         Feel About YouBuckingham / McVie
·         In My WorldBuckingham / McVie
·         Too Far GoneBuckingham / McVie
·         Hold MeFleetwood Mac
·         Little LiesFleetwood Mac
·         TuskFleetwood Mac
·         Love Is Here to StayBuckingham / McVie
·         Red SunBuckingham / McVie
·         You Make Loving FunFleetwood Mac
·         I’m So AfraidFleetwood Mac
·         Go Your Own WayFleetwood Mac


·         EverywhereFleetwood Mac
·         Lay Down for FreeBuckingham / McVie
·         Game of PretendBuckingham / McVie


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