The Australian Pink Floyd Show brought The Eclipse to Talking Stick Resort Ballroom

Movie screen at The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Review and photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Danny Zelisko Presents
Venue: Talking Stick Resort – Ballroom
Date: Thursday August 24, 2017

As we all get older it is enviable that there will be bands that pay tribute to classic artists we grow up with and loved.  I don’t believe you can walk 100 feet in Las Vegas without running into an Elvis impersonator.  I have seen tribute bands that cover such classic bands as, The Beatles, U2, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Madona, The Supremes, and many others.  Some are very good and others not so much.  If you truly want to mimic a great artist/band then you must do your homework and really study and practice hard.  We as the fans can remember the originals and we will compart you to what we remember.  In the past few years the very best tribute band I have seen had to be The Musical Box.  They perform the classic Genesis “Selling England By The Pound” concert (you can read that review under Progressive Rock section).  Well I can add another outstanding tribute band to the list of must see, The Australian Pink Floyd Show (TAPFS).

They started out as just a group of guys that got together to play Pink Floyd music.  Over the years they have added and replaced different members of the band.  The current band consists of Steve Mac (Guitar / Vocals), David Domminney Fowler (Guitar / Vocals), Ricky Howard (Bass / Vocals), Jason Sawford (Keyboards), Paul Bonney (Drums) and Chris Barnes (Vocals).  They are backed up by 3 amazing singers, Lara Smiles, Emily Lynn and Lorelei McBroom.  To provide the saxophone support they added Mike Kidson.  TAPFS have played all over the world including Wembley Arena.  Tonight, we were lucky enough to see them in the cool confines of the Talking Stick Resort Ballroom.

The show started with the band performing The Dark Side Of The Moon album in its entirety.  This is the album that placed Pink Floyd on the map as one of the greatest bands of my generation.  I can remember friends that played it so much they had to purchase it multiple times.  I believe it still holds the record for the longest number of weeks (741) on the top 100 album list.  I saw the original Dark Side of the Moon tour back in 1974 and was mesmerized by both the music and stage/light production.  At that time, most band only got on stage and did their songs, with very little special effects or laser lights.  Well that show was way different, from the round screen with movies playing to the music and a laser light show.

So TAPFS had a lot to live up to.  Well they did an amazing job.  They had the round screen with movies playing with the music.  They did update the movies and added their own twist to some of the images.  The laser light show was very similar to what I remembered from the original Pink Floyd show.  The only thing missing from this show was the airplane crashing on the stage.  TAPFS also did a great job on performing the music.  With the addition of the 3 backup singers and Mike on saxophone, if you closed your eyes you would have thought you were hearing the original band.

After doing The Dark Side Of The Moon, the band continues with other great Pink Floyd hits.  The majority of the songs were from The Wall, with a couple Wish You Were Here songs mixed in.  I understand that you are not seeing the original band, but the likely hood of that is next to nil.  Yes, Roger Waters is still touring, but he is the only original member in his band.  I have no problem seeing a tribute band if it is good and I can highly recommend TAPFS as one of the best.  I was not the only person who thought that at the show.  The band received multiple standing ovations.  I even heard multiple people say they would see them again and would recommend them to friends.

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2017


Speak to Me                                     (The Dark Side of the Moon)
On The Run
The Great Gig in the Sky
Us and Them
Any Colour You Like
Brain Damage

In The Flesh                                      (The Wall)
The Thin Ice                                      (The Wall)
Another Brick In The Wall Pt 1            (The Wall)
The Happiest Days of Our Lives          (The Wall)
Another Brick In The Wall Pt 2            (The Wall)
Shine On You Crazy Diamond            (Wish You Were Here)
Wish You Were Here                          (Wish You Were Here)
One Of These Days                            (Meddle)
Run Like Hell                                      (The Wall)
Comfortably Numb                            (The Wall)


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