Jon Bellion Lights Up Comerica Theatre

Jon Bellion performs at Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, AZ (Photo by Samara Walker).

It’s no secret that Mondays are usually the dreaded day of the week, but Monday, September 25th was a little different. Jon Bellion lit up Comerica Theatre as the crowd fed off the energy he brought on stage. The American singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer showed off all his talents while the fans reaction’s validated his work with their hands waving high and their lively spirit.

From the moment he stepped on stage saying, “Arizona, how are ya’ll doing tonight?” his thick accent gave away where he was from.  Listening to him it’s no shock that he’s from Long Island, New York; however, the juxtaposition of that east coast accent vs. his velvety smooth singing voice was so cool to listen to.

Many times in a concert, the artist takes time to thank their fans in between songs; Jon Bellion did a little more. He spent time explaining the meaning behind certain songs, which created a sense of community in the room. Bellion made it personal as he described that “Human” is a tribute to a close friend suffering from paralysis. THis made him feel much less like a celebrity and more like an old friend.

A concert is not JUST about the singer – its a performance.  The set, lighting, and staging adds to the overall mood and has the power to break or make the vibe. During his song “80s Films” a bunch of the scenes from classic 80s movies like Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Karate Kid, etc. were projected in the background. Now I wasn’t around yet the 80s, and I’d bet neither were at least 50% of the crowd, but anyone can identify, and identify with, those classics!

Overall it was not what I was expecting – and in the best way possible! The concert varied with high-intensity songs followed by others that were slower and more mellow, which allowed him to showcase his talent on the piano. But the slower songs did not bring down the mood in any way.  The electronic feel was undeniable, however, and in a venue filled with seating, no one was sitting down.

“I think there’s a little something missing in pop music today. It’s called groove” Bellion stated during the show and yes, Jon Bellion definitely brought groove.


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