Jeremy Camp Spreads Joy at Grand Canyon University Arena

Jeremy Camp performs at Grand Canyon University Arena on October 7, 2017.

The students of Grand Canyon University along with Jeremy Camp fans from throughout the Valley brought the energy to GCU Arena on Saturday night October 7.  Jeremy Camp, a Christian rock artist from Lafayette, IN, performed brought The Answer Tour to the GCU Arena in Phoenix Arizona.  Camp had just released his 11th studio album since his 2000 debut with the release of The Answer the day before the show on October 6, 2017.

Royce Lovett opened up in support of Camp.  As Lovett finished his set he asked the crowd to turn on their cell phone lights and the entire arena was illuminated by little white dots. As Lovett sang he couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear, clearly showing the happiness that performing gives him. He then pulled out his phone before leaving the stage and told the crowd he was sending his son Levi a video and on the count of 3 everyone screamed “Hi Levi!”
Camp has been creating music and performing for 17 years! He even sat down at one point to take a trip down memory lane, sharing photos of himself on the big screen. He began with his high school photo and shared photos of himself going through stages when he dyed his hair blonde at the tips, and then when he dyed it black and called it his emo stage.  Camp was able to laugh at himself and the crowd happily shared in the laughter with him.  At one point Camp said, “it’s been a long journey. I’m even a dad with 3 kids now, but I still love what I do”.  Seventeen years is a long time to be making music, and with this new album, he shows he’s not done yet. And after Saturday night’s performance, he ishouldn’t stop anytime soon.
A Jeremy Camp concert isn’t just a performance, it’s a fully interactive event.  The crowd was singing along, dancing and jumping to the beat.  At one point Camp pointed out 2 kids in the front row shook, their hands and took a few minutes to chat with them.  Camp told them he loved that they were so into the music. When an artist gets close to his fans like Camp made the effort to do, it creates a connection and shows true respect for them.  Not only did Camp gain those 2 fans for life, he made new friends as well.


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