Lost Lake Festival Lifts the Lid on The Lost Playground Experience


With the Lost Lake Festival less than 2 weeks away, we’ve learned even more details about the ginormous scope of the Festival.  It’s beginning to appear that The Lost Playground is going to truly be larger-than-life adult gaming experience at the Festival.  The Lost Lake Festival a new three-day, multi-format music festival in Phoenix October 20-22, 2017 at Steele Indian School Park in central Phoenix.

Created in partnership longtime Bonnaroo collaborator and Phoenix-based Walter Productions,  The Lost Playground has reimagined everyone’s favorite childhood and backyard games in unexpected ways. From a Giant Pool Table played with bowling balls to Colossal Croquet so large you can follow your ball through the hoop. To add to the visual interest, the games will light up with colorful LED and glow-in-the-dark features.

“Lost Lake is one of the largest and most unique festival experiences in the state, and we wanted all aspects of the event, including the games, to reflect this. The festival is going to have a real sense of fun and spectacle to it, something that people will have truly never experienced,” says Rick Farman, Co-founder, Superfly. “From big sporting events to hanging out with friends, Phoenix is a city that likes to have fun and The Lost Playground takes the fun and games to another level that only Walter Productions could create.”

Walter Productions is well-known for their large scale and unique activations at events including Burning Man, Walter the Bus and Kalliope.  Walter Productions created The Lost Playground to allow people’s inner child to run wild. Each creation has surprise and delight elements participants must personally explore in order to discover – which Festival organizers expect will create a sense of wonder and play among attendees.

“We’re excited to once again work with the creators of Lost Lake to bring our expertise of developing immersive entertainment experiences to the inaugural festival here in our own backyard,” said Jeremy Watson, VP, Creative Development at Walter Productions. “Lost Lake is a first-of-its-kind event in Phoenix, and The Lost Playground, complete with oversized and reimagined versions of nostalgic games, was created to take fans on an adventure of a lifetime.”

The full lineup of experiences in The Lost Playground will include:

  • Giant Pool Table: Taking billiards to another level, the giant, 56-foot long pool table is played by rolling bowling balls into the pockets.
  • LED Table Tennis: The electric table has built in responsive LED lights that respond to the touch of the ball.
  • Mega Twister: A twist on Twister with lights, sound and a giant spinner, with plenty of room for friends.
  • Colossal Croquet: Making this classic lawn game so large a player can chase their ball through the hoop as they make their way through the course.
  • Table Games: Oversized and colorful LED illuminated versions of games including, Life-size Connect 4, Humongous Cornhole, Jumbo Jenga, Gigantic Ladder Golf, Giant Foosball, Extra-Large Bocce Ball and more.

Tickets are now on sale for Lost Lake Festival, which will be held Oct. 20-22, 2017, at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix. With more than 40 musical acts, the festival will feature The Killers, Chance the Rapper, Major Lazer, ODESZA, The Roots, Run The Jewels, Pixies, and much more.

Tickets are available at www.lostlake.com.


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