Lost Lake Festival – Day 1

Chance the Rapper performs at the Lost Lake Festival (Photo (c) Greg Cohen)
The giant croquet set at Lost Lake Festival (Photo (c) Greg Cohen)

The inaugural Lost Lake Festival launched yesterday at Steel Indian School Park in central Phoenix.  The festival is a 3-day event that includes an enormous amount live music along with a local artists creating murals, terrific food, a crafts marketplace, an adult playground and a lot (a lot) of alcohol.  And with Chance the Rapper headlining day 1 and The Killers Headlining Day 2, festival organizers have stocked it with a number of high profile artists across 3 stages.

Initial Impressions:

  • Local Artist Clay Halling (Photo (c) Greg Cohen)

    It’s HUGE.  The festival grounds cover an enormous space.  Be prepaid to walk because there’s a lot to see and there’s a lot of ground to cover to see it all.

  • The music is diverse.  There’s a huge number of bands playing a wide variety of music so it doesn’t matter what your taste in music is, there’s most likely a band here playing.
  • Sometimes you have to make tough choices.  When Ludacris and the Pixies are playing at the same time, difficult choices must be made.
  • It’s actually really cool to watch paint dry.  The artists enlisted by the festival to paint large works at the festival created a really interesting group of paintings and, as someone who can’t draw a straight line, it was fascinating to watch them paint and admire their abilities as their pieces developed throughout the day.
  • Festival attendees a diverse bunch.  There was a tremendous range of people and ages at the festival which seemed like a broad cross-section of Phoenix, which was wonderful to see.
  • The food is amazing.  It goes way beyond what we’ve previously seen as standard festival food in Phoenix.  Festival organizers did a great job of attracting an interesting array of local restaurants and food trucks who offered, again, something for everyone.
  • Access by light rail is actually pretty easy.  I parked by Thomas and Central and used the light rail to get to the festival, which was much easier than I expected.

Festival representatives said that they were really pleased with both the turn-out for the Day 1 and that Day 1 had essentially gone off without a hitch, which is impressive for the first day of a new festival.  If there were any problems they weren’t obvious to me – it looked to me like everyone was having a good time and enjoying themselves.

Single day tickets are still available for Saturday and Sunday.  At $89.50 they may seem a bit expensive, but understandably so for the sheer scope of entertainment the Lost Lake delivers

The Music

The highlight of a music festival, though, should always be the music.  Lost Lake delivered throughout the day.  Again, it doesn’t matter what you listen to, it seemed like Lost Lake had it.

Headliner – Chance the Rapper








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