Lost Lake Festival – Day 2

The Roots performed at the 2017 Lost Lake Festival (Photo (c) Greg Cohen)

Lost Lake Festival Day 2 was tremendous.  The crowds, the bands, the festivities, the activities – Day 2 looked to be a tremendous success all around.  The festival grounds were significantly more crowded on Day 2 than on Day 1.  The crowds mostly seemed to migrate between the Piestewa and the Camelback stages with fans moving to the Echo stage to see specific artists.

Day 2 Impressions

  • Crowds were huge.  And happy.  Everone seemed to really enjoy the entire festival experience.  The crowds were generally respectful – the only time I saw people get heated was in line for the restrooms (more restrooms by the Camelback stage would have been helpful) but other than that everyone was relaxed and happy.
  • The fire lilies were amazing.  They were big metal lilies placed in the pond the shot fire 20-30 feet into the air in time with recorded music.  The music got progressively harder as the evening went on so each show was a little different.  The fire lilies were surprisingly mesmerizing.
  • Watching the painters create large artwork was as captivating on Day 2 as on Day 1.  The only downside was that they were located in a wide open area without any shade, which made watching them for an extended period of time quite warm (and I’m sure quite warm for the artists), but it was fun watching the artists create their artwork.  I understand that the large murals will be put into storage until next year when they’ll be used as part of the fencing around the festival, which is a shame – they should be on display somewhere between now and then.
  • There was plenty of alcohol.  Lots and lots of alcohol.  The beer was good, but the mixed drinks seemed a bit light.
  • It was really nice to see the local flavor in the food.  The restaurant booths, unfortunately, didn’t have their locations noted on the signage so I’m not sure how much repeat business they’ll get out of it, which is unfortunate, but it was nice seeing the dining options dominated by local restaurants.
  • The emphasis on sustainability – especially the point of disposal emphasis on separate waste into compostable, recycling, and landfill – was terrific.  The Killers big confetti launch to start their set seemed contrary to that entire spirit, but the festival’s emphasis on sustainability seemed to be appreciated and well utilized by festival goers.

Day 3 of Lost Lake is today featuring Headliner Odesza along with Major Lazer, Run the Jewels, Big Gigantic, Danny Brown, Snake Hips, Futuristic and more.

The Music

Lost Lake Festival delivered with the music again on Day 2.  It was a vibrant, diverse group of artists that drew huge, energetic crowds throughout the day and well into the evening.

The Killers

The Roots

Lil Yachty

Huey Lewis & The News

The Kongos


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