Matt and Kim Dance into The Van Buren on April 10

Matt and Kim (Photo courtesy of the artists).

Infectiously upbeat Matt and Kim will be bringing their high-energy headlining concert to The Van Buren on April 10, 2018.  Cruisr and Twinkids are supporting Matt and Kim on the tour.  Tickets are still available on The Van Buren’s website.

Matt and Kim are touring in advance of the release of their 6th studio album, Almost Everyday, which will drop next month.  Work on the new album began soon after Kim tore her ACL while performing on stage at Mexico’s Vaiven Festival in 2017. The year-long break from touring while she recovered allowed Matt and Kim the time to focus on writing the tracks for Almost Everyday.  Matt and Kim released 2 singles off of the new album over the winter – Forever and Like I Used To Be.  Their third single, Happy If You’re Happy, drops this week.

Matt and Kim’s most recent prior release was 2016’s We Were The Weirdos.  This was a surprise 4-track EP that the duo recorded produced in its entirety during the week between the band’s 2016 performances at Coachella.  They debuted the songs from the EP during their second-weekend set that year at Coachella.

Matt and Kim have a reputation for super-fun, upbeat, happy concerts.  Their live performances are described as both “explosive” and filled with “raw exuberance.”  Their show next week at The Van Buren promises to a big ole’ good time dance party.


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