Kings X Rocked the House at BLK Live

King X at BLK Live

Review and photos by Fred Kuhlman
Venue: BLK Live
Date: Friday April 20, 2018

Kings X is probably one of the best lesser known bands by the public but very popular with other bands and critics.  Kings X is an American band formed in the 1983 as Sneak Preview, but in 1987 changed their name to Kings X when they signed with Megaforce Records.  Since that time, they have been a trio consisting of bassist Doug “dUg” Pinnick who also provides lead vocals, guitarist Ty Tabor and drummer Jerry Gaskill.  Both Jerry and Ty also provide vocals.  Since 1987, they have produced 12 studio albums and a couple live albums.

It is really hard to classify Kings X as this or that style of band.  Probably the best I can think of it just Metal.  They have a combination of Progressive, Reggie, Punk, Alternative and Heavy Metal sounds.  Tonight’s show was a setlist of their greatest hits.

Doug “dUg” Pinnick, Bassist and Lead Singer for Kings X

Between the pulsating beat of Jerry on drums, Ty’s mesmerizing licks on guitar and dUg amazing heart throbbing bass, we as the fans definitely got our moneys worth and more.  It was really nice not having the pushing and shoving that you get at a lot of Metal shows, just fans having a great time and really enjoying the music.  One of the more unique things about the show was when dUg started playing his 12-string bass guitar.  It has 2 additional strings for each of the main 4 strings.  Personally, one of my favorite songs of the night was “Pray” where the audience (include myself) sang the chorus.  As a lead in for “We Were Born To Be Loved”, dUg said, “Life is short, if you want love, you must give love.  If you want to be liked, then you must like others”.

I have seen a lot of bands and watched as the audience would sing along with the band.  This was the first show I have seen where the audience was so into the music that they sang multiple songs and dUg and the band just listened.  It was truly amazing that the fans knew every word and inflection for the songs.  It climaxed for “Goldilox”, when dUg and Ty turned their mics to point into the audience and let the audience sing the entire song.  You can find multiple YouTube videos of this song and hear and watch the band and audience.  It is truly a moving experience.  If you have never heard of this band then I would highly recommend going to YouTube and checking them out, especially their songs done live.  After hearing a couple of the songs, you too might become a fan.

Fans getting poster signed by Kings X

One of the unique things available at our show was you could purchase a live copy of the show which you could download later.  The only other time I have seen this was at a Who Concert back in 2006.  It would be a great memento from the show and if the sound was as good back where they were recording it as it was up front, then it would be a great purchase.  Unfortunately, I seemed to be a little short so I was unable to purchase it.  The other thing that was really nice was the band came out after the show and sat and signed items for the fans and would get their photos taken with the fans.

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2018, All Rights Reserved

Kings X Setlist:                    (Album)
Groove Machine                     (Tape Head)
World Around Me                    (King’s X)
Pillow                                     (Dogman)
Flies In Blue Skies                   (Dogman)
Vegetable                               (Manic Moonlight)
Cigarettes                              (Dogman)
Pray                                       (XV)
Black Flag                               (King’s X)
Lost In Germany                     (King’s X)
A Box                                     (Ear Candy)
Looking For Love                    (Ear Candy)
Summerland                           (Gretchen Goes to Nebraska)
Over My Head                         (Gretchen Goes to Nebraska)
Go Tell Somebody                   (XV)
We Were Born To Be Loved     (Faith Hope Love)
Dogman                                 (Dogman)
Goldilox                                  (Out of the Silent Planet)
King                                        (Out of the Silent Planet)

Pete Cummings Band

Pete Cummings, Drummer for Pete Cummings Band

Prior to Kings X, a local band performed, the Pete Cummings Band.  Pete is a DJ on a local Phoenix radio station.  He has put together a band that does covers of some of the great Rock ‘n’ Roll classics.  For tonight’s show they covered Led Zeppelin’s “Nobody’s Fault” and Deep Purples “Highway Star” just to name a few.  The band consists of Pete Cummings on drums, Bill Dutcher as lead guitarist, Shane Martinez as bassist and Neal Williams as lead singer.  If you get a chance to see Pete and the boys, then give them a look see.  They did a very good job.

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2018, All Rights Reserved


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