Rebirth Brass Band, A Little Bit of New Orleans in The Desert

Rebirth Brass Band

Review and photos by Fred Kuhlman
Venue: Musical Instrument Museum (MIM)
Date: Tuesdays August 7th, 2018

Just like Rock and Roll, Jazz has many flavors.  The Rebirth Brass Band has an Americana style of jazz with overtones coming from the New Orleans streets that adds funk and hip hop to their sound.  This is a fun and happy style of jazz that wants the audience to get up and dance.  At multiple times during the show, audience members would get up and dance and some even moved to the side of the auditorium to dance.  By the end of the show, the band had everyone up and dancing.  You can always tell that band had a good show when the audience really gets into it.

Phil Frazier, founding member and tuba player in Rebirth Brass Band

The band was started by the Frazier bothers and over the years many members have come and gone from the group.  For tonight’s performance the band was made up of: Phil Frazier on tuba, Keith Frazier on bass drum, Ajay Mallery on snare drum, Vincent Broussard on saxophone, Glenn Hall and Chadrick Honroe on trumpet and Stafford Agee and Gregory Veals on trombone.  From the very beginning you could tell that the band was having fun and that translated to the audience.  Multiple times throughout the show, the audience applauded the band between songs.  The show was broken up into 2 parts with a short intermission.

The MIM was a perfect venue for this style of band.  The acoustics were perfect and very little amplification was required (even though the ushers were handing out ear plugs just in case).  The only disadvantage was that the audience were in seats so it was harder for them to get up a dance.

Crowd and Rebirth Brass Band at MIM

I am sorry that I don’t have the set list from the night, but I was having such a great time I forgot to write down the songs.  I have seen a number of these New Orleans style jazz bands and I am impressed by how great they are.  If you get a chance to see the Rebirth Brass Band, I would definitely recommend it.  Personally, I can’t wait to see them at the Maple Leaf club in New Orleans when I visit there.  Who knows, maybe I will see you there.

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2018, All Rights Reserved


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