Boz Scaggs Brings his Soft Musical Style and Blues to Celebrity Theatre

Boz Scaggs at Celebrity Theatre

Review and photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Danny Zelisko Presents
Venue: Celebrity Theatre
Date: Monday Oct 22nd, 2018

Boz Scaggs at Celebrity Theatre

I remember Boz Scaggs from his multi-Platinum 1976 album, Silk Degrees.  I honestly believe I wore that album out playing it so much.  It was a great album to mellow out to and just listen to and the ladies loved it.  I remember seeing Boz back in the late 70s and really enjoyed the show.  Now fast forward 40 years and Boz has just created another masterpiece CD, Out of the Blues.  Boz is now in his 70s and he still has a magnificent voice and his guitar playing is still top notch.  Boz Scaggs has surrounded himself this tour with an first-rate band, featuring guitarist Mike Miller, saxophonist/keyboardist Eric Crystal, bassist Willie Weeks, Greg Wieczorek on percussion and guitar, Michael Logan Sr. on keyboards and Michael Logan Jr. on drums.

Boz Scaggs and band at Celebrity Theatre

The majority of songs this show were either from his Silk Degrees or Out of the Blues albums.  The show started with “JoJo” and then “It’s Over”.  They ended the main set with 2 of the hit songs from Silk Degrees, “Lowdown” and “Lido Shuffle”.  For these last 2 songs a number of fans were up and dancing.  The audience also sang along with “Lido Shuffle”.  It seemed like a short main set, but then Boz and the band came back out for a 3-song encore much to the audience’s delight.  If you like soft rock music mixed with a little blues then this is a great show to see.  Boz is a master songwriter/performer and his band was superb.

I am sorry for the delay in posting of this review and photos.  I always attempt to provide credit to all of the band members and add their names to each photo.  It was very difficult to locate the members of Boz’s current touring band.  But after a lot of internet searching, I believe I got them.  If you notice any mistakes, please let me know and I will correct ASAP.

This is probably the 4th or 5th show I have seen at the Celebrity Theatre since they installed their new sound system this summer.  This style of music, Boz’s soft voice and the harmonies provided by the other band members worked perfectly with this system.  We as the audience could hear Boz’s voice perfectly and the balance of the instruments and voices was outstanding.  Rich Hazelwood and team have done an outstanding job in upgrading the Celebrity Theatre over the past few years to make it one of the best locations in the valley to hear and see a concert.  If you get the chance to see a show there, it is definitely worth it.

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2018, All Rights Reserved

Boz Scaggs Setlist:                 (Album/Cover)
Jojo                                          (Middle Man)
It’s Over                                    (Silk Degrees)
Rock & Stick                              (Out of the Blues)
I’ve Just Got To Know                (Out of the Blues)
The Feeling Is Gone                    (Out of the Blues)
Harbor Lights                              (Silk Degrees)
Georgia                                      (Silk Degrees)
Radiator 110                              (Out of the Blues)
Look What You’ve Done To Me    (Urban Cowboy soundtrack)
Lowdown                                   (Silk Degrees)
Lido Shuffle                                (Silk Degrees)
Little Miss Night And Day             (Out of the Blues)
Loan Me A Dime                         (Boz Scaggs)
You Never Can Tell                      (Chuck Berry cover)

Mark Cordes

Comedian Mark Cordes warming up crowd at Boz Scaggs Concert

Mark Cordes is an Arizona comedian that travels a lot to perform.  Most of his story/jokes are about his travels or homecomings.  Probably one of his funniest stories is about the first 4 stages of being a travelling comedian and being married.  Stage 1 was when he got back from a 3-week trip and his wife meet him at the airport and gave him a big hug.  Stage 2 was when he returned and the wife picked him up at the sidewalk of the airport.  Stage 3 was when he returned and he took a transport home, and saw a note on the kitchen counter that said, “Hope you had a good trip, I am going to bed”.  Currently he is experiencing stage 4 where when he gets back after 3 weeks, drags his suitcase into the house and his wife asks him, “Where are you going?”.  He then told us he can’t wait for stage 5.

I have seen a number of comedians over the years in Las Vegas, cruises and concert venues.  Mark did a very good job and his stories and jokes were good.  A couple were off-key, but that is expected for an adult crowd.  If you get a chance to see Mark, you will have a good time.  Personally, I hope someday to see him when he is performing on one of the cruises my wife and I take.

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2018, All Rights Reserved


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