Styx Rocks Sold-out Crowd at Celebrity Theatre


Review and photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Danny Zelisko Presents
Venue: Celebrity Theatre
Date: Friday January 11th, 2018

Styx has performed almost none stop since 1999 and have also produced 2 new studio albums.  The latest is The Mission which was very prominent in tonight’s performance.  This was their 2nd visit to the Celebrity Theatre in the same number of years.  Danny Zelisko Presents, Celebrity Theatre and Styx seem to enjoy scheduling a show in January each year, so mark your calendar for next year.  As normal, tonight’s show was a sellout.

The current line-up of Styx consists of Tommy Shaw and James “JY” Young on guitar, Lawrence Gowan on keyboards, Todd Sucherman on drums and Ricky Phillips on bass.  As a special treat, their original bassist Chuck Panozzo played on a few songs.  Chuck has medical issues so cannot perform the entire show, but it is a rare treat to see him still rockin’ with the band on some of the classic Styx songs.

They divided the show into 2 sets with a short intermission so the band and the fans could both partake of beverages.  Each set consisted of over an hour of awesome music.

They started the show with “Gone, Gone, Gone” and new song from their 2018 album, The Mission.  The remainder of the first set consisted of classic Styx songs from a number of their gold and platinum albums, include “Blue Collar Man” and “Lady”.  For “Foolin’ Yourself” Tommy played an acoustic guitar, Ricky switched to a double neck guitar and Chuck came out to provide the bass track.  They ended the first set with Lawrence putting on a top hat and singing and dance around the stage to “Rockin’ The Paradise”.

The started the second set with “Miss America” and “Lights” where the audience pulled out their cell phones and turned on their cell phone’s light.   This set consisted of a lot of the new album, The Mission.  They ended the second set with their hit, “Come Sail Away”.  For an encore they came back to play “Mr. Roboto” and ended the night with the mega hit, “Renegade”.

It is always interesting to see how a band reacts and uses the rotating round stage at the Celebrity Theatre.  The members of Styx seem to have it down.  Everyone except Todd (the drum kit limits him) roamed around the stage and played to the audience.  A number of times, people would rush the stage to get a selfie with the band, and a lot of times someone in the band would move over for the pic.  There was a kid in the front row and Tommy came over and bent down and let the kid play his guitar during the song.  It was a real treat for the kid and the father was also in heaven taking cell phone pics.

I have seen Styx now a number of times and I can say that they constantly put on a GREAT show.  I actually believe that Lawrence’s and Tommy’s voices are getting better with age and both sound fantastic.  Also, with the improvements in equipment, the band sounds even better then when I saw them in the 70s.  If you love classic Rock n Roll music, then Styx is definitely a band to see.  Their music is timeless and they really seem to enjoy performing and interfacing with the audience.

As a special “kinda strange” tour schedule, Styx will be touring with Larry The Cable Guy on their upcoming LAUGH. ROCK. SERIOUSLY TOUR in March.  I saw Larry this last December and he was terrific.  It seems a strange concert combination but those of you that are lucky enough to see one of these shows, you will have a wonderful time.

For those new to the Celebrity Theatre, it is one of the few performance venues that is in the round.  The stage is round and can rotate during the performance to provide everyone great seats at different times.  The other nice thing about the Celebrity Theatre is that it has a great new Bose sound system that provided outstanding sound dynamics throughout the venue.  You will also like that no seat in the theater is over 100 feet from the stage and that the front row is at the stage.  If you get a chance to see a show at The Celebrity Theatre, it is definitely worth it.

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2019, All Rights Reserved

STYX Setlist:                                 (Album)
Set 1:

Gone, Gone, Gone                          (The Mission)
Blue Collar Man                               (Pieces of Eight)
Grand Illusion                                  (The Grand Illusion)
Fooling Yourself                               (The Grand Illusion)
Lady                                                (Styx II)
Radio Silence                                   (The Mission)
Lorelei                                             (Equinox)
Crystal Ball                                      (Crystal Ball)
Light Up                                          (Equinox)
Man In The Wilderness                     (The Grand Illusion)
Rockin’ The Paradise                        (Paradise Theatre)

Set 2:
Miss America                                    (The Grand Illusion)
Lights                                               (Cornerstone)
Time May Bend                                 (The Mission)
Ten Thousand Ways                          (The Mission)
Red Storm                                        (The Mission)
Khedive                                            (The Mission)
The Outpost                                     (The Mission)
Suite Madam Blue                             (Equinox)
Too Much Time On My Hands            (Paradise Theatre)
Rocket Man/Bohemian Rhapsody      (Elton John/Queen Cover)
Come Sail Away                               (The Grand Illusion)
Mr. Roboto                                       (Kilroy Was Here)
Renegade                                         (Pieces of Eight)


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