The Musical Box Performs Classic Genesis Songs at Celebrity Theatre

The Musical Box performing at Celebrity Theatre

Review and photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Danny Zelisko Presents
Venue: Celebrity Theatre
Date: Sunday April 14th, 2019
Tour: A Genesis Extravaganza

The lights go down and the round stage at the Celebrity Theatre is packed with equipment.  Finally, the band members emerge and settle into their positions.  At first, I was a little confused because the front man and lead singer did not look like he was on the stage.  I finally saw him tucked away in the back of the stage playing bass guitar.  The Musical Box is a group that performs 70s Genesis music.  They are more then a tribute band.  They collected items from the original Genesis 1973 Selling England By The Pound tour and other early Genesis tours.  They use the masks, costumes, make-up, accessories, sets, lighting design, special effects, choreography to meticulously duplicated the original Genesis shows.

Each member of The Musical Box represents a member of the 1971 to 1977 Genesis group. The Musical Box band consists of David Myers (Tony Banks) on keyboards, Denis Champoux (Steve Hackett) playing numerous acoustic and electric guitars, Denis Gagné (Peter Gabriel) as lead singer and playing flute, guitar and percussion, Martin Levac (Phil Collins) on drums and Sébastien Lamothe (Mike Rutherford) playing numerous guitars, both acoustic and electric including 2 different double neck guitars.  It was a guitar technician’s nightmare trying to tune the guitars and then getting them to the correct person at the right time.  During some songs, Sébastien and Denis could change guitars multiple times.

The concert was broken up into 3 Acts with the first two prior to a short intermission and the 3rd Act and Encore after.  The 1st Act was dedicated to Genesis music from the Wind & Wuthering and A Trick of the Tail albums (1976 & 1977).  They started the show with “…In That Quiet Earth” moving into “Blood on the Rooftops” and ended 1st Act with “Los Endos”.  The 2nd Act consisted of songs from Genesis’s The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway album.  They played almost the entire album starting with “Fly on a Windshield” and ended with “The Waiting Room”.  The one song they did not play was the mega hit, “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”.

After a short intermission, they started the 3rd act which covered Genesis music from 1971 to 1973.  This included Selling England by the Pound.  The band actually took their name from one of the songs from the Nursery Cryme album, “The Musical Box” which the band played as their encore.

Denis Gagné, lead singer for The Musical Box in fox head costume for encore song, “The Musical Box”

I saw the Selling England by the Pound tour that The Musical Box did in 2017.  At that show, the lead singer, Denis Gagné would change costumes throughout the show just like Peter Gabriel did.  He wore a number of different ones throughout that show.  For tonight’s show Denis only changed into a leather jacket for the 2nd Act, Broadway Melodies and during the encore when he came out with a fox head mask on for “The Musical Box” song from Foxtrot albumThey did have a screen behind the band that played different movies and a slide show throughout the show.

Sébastien Lamothe playing Shergold double neck bass and 12 string guitar for The Musical Box

I was extremely impressed by the guitar playing of both Denis Champoux and Sébastien Lamothe.  Denis played a Gibson Custom Historic 1959 Les Paul Standard VOS just like Steve Hackett.  He also played a Fender Stratocaster and numerous acoustic guitars.  Sébastien was truly amazing playing two different double neck guitars, a Shergold 4 string bass and 12 string guitar and the other a 6 string and 12 string guitar.  Sébastien also played a couple of different acoustic guitars and a Rickenbacker 12 string guitar for the encore.

The crowd for tonight’s show was small but extremely enthusiastic.  During the start of the 3rd Act, Denis Gagné called out someone in the audience for videoing the show on their cell phone.  He first told the person “Put down the phone, the resolution will be better”.  The person did not seem to get the hint, so Denis Gagné then told him that he was not allowed to video the show and if they continued, he was leaving the stage.  This is the reason I do not video any band unless given permission.  I do not want to violate any copyrights and feel that it is an infringement on the band.  Personally, I would like to see more bands produce a downloadable version of their tour which we could purchase.  I do like to hear and see the performances I have been to and it might stop some people from videoing.  The Who did this back in 2007 and I purchased both the DVD and CD set of the show.  I also like that Dream Theater and Iron Maiden produced a DVD (BluRay) or CD set of their live shows and I make sure I purchase all of them.  The quality is far superior to anything you find on YouTube and I also help the bands out by purchasing legal copies of their shows.

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2019, All Rights Reserved

The Musical Box Setlist:                      (Genesis Album)
Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers…       (Wind & Wuthering)

Act 1 (The Wind’s Tail)
…In That Quiet Earth                              (Wind & Wuthering)
Blood on the Rooftops                            (Wind & Wuthering)
Dance on a Volcano                                (A Trick of the Tail)
Entangled                                               (A Trick of the Tail)
Los Endos                                               (A Trick of the Tail)

Act 2 (Broadway Melodies)
Fly on a Windshield                                 (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)
Broadway Melody of 1974                      (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)
In the Cage                                             (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)
Back in N.Y.C.                                          (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)
Hairless Heart                                          (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)
Counting Out Time                                   (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)
Carpet Crawlers                                       (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)
Lilywhite Lilith                                           (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)
The Waiting Room                                    (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)

Act 3 (Before The Ordeal)
Time Table                                              (Foxtrot)
Seven Stones                                         (Nursery Cryme)
Can-Utility and the Coastliners                 (Foxtrot)
Looking for Someone                              (Trespass)
Firth of Fifth                                            (Selling England by the Pound)
After the Ordeal                                       (Selling England by the Pound)
The Cinema Show                                    (Selling England by the Pound)
The Musical Box                                       (Nursery Cryme)


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