Robin Trower bring his Bridge of Sighs to the Celebrity Theatre

Robin Trower 2019 Tour

Band: Robin Trower
Venue: Celebrity Theatre
Date: Thursday May 2nd, 2019

We all know that song that has that amazing opening riff that is just iconic.  For me, Robin Trower’s opening riff for “Day Of The Eagle” is just that classic 70s power riff.  Robin Trower started out as the lead guitarist for Procol Harem in the 60s.  Then in the 70s, he went solo creating his own band.  In 1974 he created one of the truly classic rock/blues albums, Bridge of Sighs.  From the amazing guitar riffs of “Day Of The Eagle” to the haunting melody of “Bridge of Sighs”, Robin’s performance is spectacular.

I saw Robin in Procol Harem and solo in the 70s.  From what I have seen in the recent YouTube videos of his performances, he has not lost a step and is just as phenomenal now as back when I saw him in the 70s.  To tell you just how talented Robin is, he gave guitar lessons to King Crimson’s Robert Fipp.  Robin is old school and still plays a Fender Stratocaster that he is able to just make sing.

If you want to see a great guitarist that is also an outstanding song writer, then Robin Trower is a show to see.  Also, it is at the Celebrity Theatre which has a great Bose Sound system that balances the sound throughout the entire venue.  Even the worst seat in the place is less than 100 feet from the stage, so you get an intimate atmosphere.


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