The Strumbellas brought Rattlesnake Tour to Crescent Ballroom

The Strumbellas at Crescent Ballroom

Review and photos by Robbie Flores
Venue: Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, Arizona
Date: Monday May 13th, 2019
Tour: Rattlesnake Tour

“We Can hold one hand up for tomorrow, We can hold one hand up to the stars, We can be the change that we wanna see, Just don’t give up on me, yeah… One Hand Up by: The Strumbellas 

The Strumbellas at Crescent Ballroom

The Strumbellas, an indie rock band from Canada, brought their Rattlesnake Tour to The Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix on May 13th and showed their fans that they are not only here to continue to make good music, but they also have a message to share of positivity and hope for the future. The band, famously formed from an ad on Craigslist, consists of members Simon Ward, David Ritter, Jon Hembrey, Isabel Ritchie, Darryl James and Jeremy Drury. Although they had two successful albums before, it was their third album, Hope, that earned them regular rotation on mainstream radio with their song “Spirits”.  “Spirits” topped the Billboard Alternative songs chart and the band gained fans while touring and playing festivals, such as Bonnaroo in 2017.  Now out with their fourth studio album, Rattlesnake, The Strumbellas are clearly here to stay, as their songs “Salvation” and “One Hand Up”, brought some of the night’s biggest cheers.  Ward’s endearing and comedic wit was on display just before they performed “Running Scared (Desert Song)” as he teased that he had brought a real rattlesnake with them on tour and opened a box, only to throw a plastic rattlesnake into the audience, making everyone jump and then laugh.  My favorite part of the show however, was when the band encouraged the audience to raise a hand in the air and then turn to their neighbor and give them a high five.  The crowd was happy to engage with one another, proof that their positive message is being well received and is resonating with their fans.  They closed their show with their biggest hit to date, “Spirits”, and then left the stage before coming back one once more for a nostalgic cover of Blind Melon’s, “Soup” 

 The Strumbellas will continue their tour through June of 2019. 

Photos © Robbie Flores 2019, All Rights Reserved

The Strumbellas Setlist:
We Don’t Know
Young & Wild
In This Life
The Party
Left for Dead
Running Scared (Desert Song)
Salior’s Blues
One Hand Up
We Were Young
The Sheriff
I’ll Wait
Wild Sun


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