Davina And The Vagabonds entertain audience at The MIM

Davina And The Vagabonds performing "Shake That Thing" at the MIM

Review and photos by Fred Kuhlman
Venue: Musical Instrument Museum (MIM)
Date: Thursday May 30th, 2019

Davina playing piano and singing at MIM

Davina and the Vagabonds is a jazz blues band based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota that formed in 2005.  Their music style is dynamic and consists of a New Orleans sound, featuring elements of blues, jazz, R&B, soul, and gospel.  If an artist is defined as someone that pours their heart into their art, then Davina is truly a great artist.  Her music ranges from soft intersective songs to just fun tunes like “Shake That Thing”.  Listening to Davina makes me think of what a speakeasy in Chicago in the 30s might have been like or one of the little bars that line the streets of New Orleans today.

Davina started the show with “Sunshine” where she showed her vocal range.  Then they did “Black Cloud” that sounded like something you would hear coming out of a New Orleans jazz bar.  A few songs later, Joe Goltz put aside his trombone duties and sang, “Bourbon Street Parade”, a fun little song about Bourbon Street in New Orleans.  The middle of the show, they featured 4 songs from their new CD, Sugar Drops.  They started with the title track, “Sugar Drops” and then played my favorite song of the evening, “Devil Horns”.  The main set ended with Zack getting us to join him and the band in singing the jazz classic, “Shake That Thing”.  After a short break which the audience was standing and cheering, they came back for an encore where Zack sang “St James Infirmary”.  It was an unbelievable evening of incredible music.

The Vagabonds, Zack Lozier, Joe Goltz, Christopher Bates and George Marich

Over the years her band lineup has changed, but for this tour Davina is joined by her husband, Zack Lozier on trumpet and vocals, Joe Goltz on trombone and vocals, Christopher Bates on upright bass and George Marich on drums.

This is the second time I have seen Davina and the first time she headlined the show.  Actually, they were the only act at tonight’s concert.  The MIM is a perfect venue for Davina style of music.  Also, for tonight’s show, Davina, the MIM and Yamaha had setup a very special interactive event.  The Yamaha grand piano that Davina was playing was interfaced to the same piano that other Yamaha customers had purchased.  So as Davina played at the MIM, the Yamaha customer’s pianos would play.  They also had a live stream of her and the band playing which the customers received.  It was designed to give the Yamaha customer’s the live experience as if they were at the MIM.

Davina and the Vagabonds at the MIM

If tonight’s performance was any indication of her upcoming shows, then I believe all of the fans will get more than their money’s worth and will truly enjoy the shows.  Personally, I am a Metal Head and love Classic Rock music, but my guilty pleasure is listening to jazz.  Like progressive music it is complex and expands your musical ear and at time just damn fun to listen to.  If you want to get an idea of Davina’s style and performance, then get her live performance CD, Nicollet And Tenth.  I have been listening to it for the past 4 days and it still sounds great.

Davian is just one of those really genuine people.  After the show she came out and signed CDs, talked to people and had her picture taken with her fans.

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2019, All Rights Reserved

Davina And The Vagabonds Setlist:        (Album / Cover)
Sunshine                                                    (Sunshine)
Black Cloud                                                (Black Cloud)
Daydream                                                  (Live @ The Times / Lovin Spoonful)
Pocket                                                       (Black Cloud)
Bourbon Street Parade
Sugar Drops                                               (Sugar Drops)
Devil Horns                                                 (Sugar Drops)
Mr. Big Talker                                              (Sugar Drops)
Deep End                                                    (Sugar Drops)
Start Running                                             (Black Cloud)
You Must Be Losing Your Mind                     (Sunshine / Thomas Wright Waller)
Ain’t That A Shame                                     (Nicollet and Tenth / Fats Domino)
I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl                  ( / Nina Simone)
Monday Date
Disappears                                                 (Black Cloud)
Red Shoes                                                 (Sunshine)
St Michael vs The Devil                                (Live @ The Times)
Sugar Moon                                                (Black Cloud)
Crosseyed                                                  (Black Cloud)
Knock Me A Kiss                                         (Live @ The Times / Louis Jordan)
Back To Memphis                                        (Live @ The Times / Chuck Berry)
Shake That Thing                                         (Nicollet and Tenth / C Jackson)
St James Infirmary                                      (Nicollet and Tenth / J Primrose)


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