Local band, Undecided Youth will be performing at Marquee on Friday June 21st, 2019

Undecided Youth, Proof in the Pudding Band Winner at Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding 2018 concert

On Friday June 21st, the Marquee Theater in Tempe, Arizona will be hosting a concert of tribute and local bands.  The headliner is ZOSO, a Led Zeppelin tribute band.  They will be joined by Scott Rowe’s Alice Cooper Tribute, Black Mountain Project and local Phoenix area band Undecided Youth.  I saw Undecided Youth at this last year’s Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding and they put on an amazing performance.  They were the Winner of Alice Cooper’s 2018 Proof Is In The Pudding Contest.  Once you see their dynamic singer, Summer Welsh you will understand why they are one of the hots young bands in the Phoenix area.  Check out the marquee website for more information:


Also check out Undecided Youth’s Facebook page:



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