Eluveitie and Korpiklaani Captivated Audience at Club Red with Folk Metal Sound

Eluveitie at Club Red, Mesa, Arizona

Review and Photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: 13th Floor Entertainment
Venue: Club Red
Date:  Thursday September 26, 2019
Tour: Wanderers Towards Rebirth Tour 2019

As with most musical styles, there are many variations.  This hold true for the Metal Genre.  There is Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Death Metal, Progressive Metal, etc.  Tonight’s show was yet another flavor of metal music, Folk Metal.  There was a 3-band line-up for tonight’s event.  The show started with a Canadian/USA folk metal band, Gone In April.  Then as co-headliners, Finnish folk metal band, Korpiklaani was up next.  Finally, the Swiss Folk Metal band Eluveitie finished the night.  I have never seen any of these bands.


Korpiklaani at Club Red, Mesa, Arizona

I am going to start with the middle band’s performance.  Korpiklaani is a folk metal band from Finland that was formerly known as Shamaani Duo and then Shaman.  Jonne Järvelä initially created Shamaani Duo in 1993 as a folk band.  Then in 2003 the band changed its name to Korpiklanni and moved into a more metal style, but still kept their folk edge.  Korpiklanni in Finish means “The Backwoods Clan”.

The current line-up for the band at the Club Red show consisted of Jonne Järvelä as lead singer, drummer Matti “Matson” Johansson, guitarist Kalle “Cane” Savijärvi, bass player Jarkko Aaltonen, Tuomas Rounakari playing fiddle and Sami Perttula playing accordion.  Yes, you heard me correctly, a metal show that had both a fiddle and accordion.  At first, I was not really sure how this would sound, but surprisingly it all messed perfectly.  About half of their set was in English while the rest was in their native Finnish.  If the song name in the setlist below is in English, then they sang it in English otherwise they sang in Finnish.

They have produced 10 albums with the latest being Kulkija.  Three of the song were from this new album including “Kallon Malja”.  The rest of the set consisted of songs from 6 of their albums.  This was a great mixture of music from their entire collection.  They ended the show with 2 of their drinking songs, “Beer Beer” and “Vodka”.  When they played “Beer Beer” they got the entire audience singing along with them.

Jarkko Aaltonen, bass player for Korpiklaani at Club Red, Mesa, Arizona

The show consisted of a light show that was also used by the other bands and it was very nice, but sometimes was hard to photograph.  The band members were very energetic and were all over the stage.  At one point, Jonne was behind Jarkko and putting up bullhorns.  After the show, the band came out and talked to the audience and took photos with them.

For more information about Korpiklanni and the upcoming tour, check out their website: https://korpiklaani.com/ .

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2019, All Right Reserved

Korpiklaani Setlist:                                         (Album)
Let’s Drink                                                           (Tervaskanto)
Little Red House
Never Gonna
Happy Little Boozer                                         (Tales Along This Road)
Kallon Malja                                                       (Kulkija)
Luokse Tuulen
Mina Tanssin
Naen Silmin
Joukse Hukka
Pellervoinen                                                      (Kulkija)
Harmaja                                                               (Kulkija)
Kun Joutui
Ylla Talven Tahtitaivas
Viel Kantaa Katkyessaan
Old Tale                                                                (Voice Of Wilderness)
Old Tail About The Girl
Lempo                                                                  (Noita)
Tyttaret Tulen
Lempo Lempea
Hyvin On
Lempo Soikoon
Pilli On Pajusta Tehty                                      (Noita)
Mina Veistelen Pajua
“Soitan Soittoa Iloitsen”
Pilli On Pajusta
You Looked Into My Eyes                              (Spirit Of The Forest)
We Are Here Alone
Wooden Pints                                                    (Spirit Of The Forest)
There’s Men
Tables Full
Long War
Beer Beer                                                            (Voice Of Wilderness)
Vodka                                                                   (Karkelo)


Eluveitie at Club Red, Mesa, Arizona

The other co-headliner of the night and last to hit the stage was Eluveitie.  They are a Swiss folk metal band from Winterthur, Zürich that has been around since 2002.  A number of their songs include references to Celtic mythology.

For tonight’s show at Club Red, they completely filled the stage with personal.  There were over 8 performers on the stage.  The current touring band members for this part of the North American tour consists of drummer Alain Ackermann, lead guitarist Rafael Salzmann, Jonas Wolf on rhythm guitar, Michalina Malisz playing hurdy-gurdy and Matteo Sisti playing both bagpipes and tin whistle.  They have 2 lead singers, Chrigel Glanzmann and Fabienne Erni.  They shared lead singing duties.  Chrigel Glanzmann also plays mandola and whistles.  Fabienne Erni plays a Celtic harp.  They were joined by special guest, Julie Bélanger Roy of Gone In April on violin.  Some of these instruments might seem strange for a metal show, but because Eluveitie’s music also consists of folk music overtones, these instruments seem right at home.

For this tour, Eluveitie was out promoting their new album, Ategnatos just released this last April.  Seven song were from this album including the set opener and title song, “Ategnatos”.  They added a mixture of song from their other albums to give us an overall flavor of their music.  In the middle of the set the rest of the band took a break while Fabienne sang “Artio” with her ethereal voice which was truly incredible and would make the angels weep.  The rest of the band came back, and they played the up-tempo song, “Epona” that sounds a lot like a Celtic folk song with lots of instruments.  They ended the night with a 2-song encore of “Rebirth” and “Inis Mona”.

Fabienne Erni, singer and Celtic harpist for Eluveitie at Club Red, Mesa, Arizona

I don’t understand how Chrigel, Julie, Michalina and Fabienne did not have neck pain after the show.  They were constantly headbanging and whipping their hair.  It was extremely impressive to see both Chrigel whipping his long dreadlocks and Julie whipping her long blue hair.

If you are looking for something a little different then the normal growling metal bands and what to hear music that is both moving and heavy then Eluveitie a must-see show.  I know I will see them again when they come back to the valley.

You can check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eluveitie/ .  Their website is not that great but most all of the information about the band and their upcoming tour dates are on the Facebook page.

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2019, All Right Reserved

Eluveitie Setlist:                               (Album)
Ategnatos                                           (Ategnatos)
King                                                       (Origins)
The Call Of The Mountains           (Origins)
Deathwalker                                      (Ategnatos)
Quoth The Raven                             (Everything Remains as It Never Was)
The Slumber                                      (Ategnatos)
Worship                                               (Ategnatos)
Artio                                                      (Evocation II: Pantheon)
Epona                                                   (Evocation II: Pantheon)
A Rose For Epona                             (Helvetios)
Thousandfold                                    (Everything Remains as It Never Was)
Ambiramus                                         (Ategnatos)
Havoc                                                    (Helvetios)
Breathe                                                (Ategnatos)
Helvetios                                             (Helvetios)
Rebirth                                                 (Ategnatos)
Inis Mona                                            (Slania)


Gone In April

“Gone In April” performing at Club Red, Mesa, Arizona

The show started with Gone In April that is a Melodic Death/Symphonic Metal band with members from both Canada and USA.  They are touring in support of their new album, Shards of Light.  The band current touring line-up consists of lead singer Sebastien Croteau, violinist and lead singer Julie Bélanger Roy, drummer Yanic Bercier, bass player Jimmy Bolduc, guitarists Simon Gagnon and Vincent Bruneau.  I know that this was going to be a different style of metal show then Julie came of with a violin (she also had Blue hair that looked really good).

They had a short set of only 6 song that came from their last 2 albums, Threads of Existence and Shards Of Light.  They started with “Empire Of Loss” that really shows the range of Julie’s voice.  They also played “if You Join Me” and “Haven” from the new album.  The last song of the set, “As Hope Welcomes Death”, starts out slow, but moves into a full-on metal headbanging riff.

They make the integration of goth, thrash and death metal seem completely seamless.  The marriage of Sebastien’s driving growling voice with Julie’s luscious harmonic voice and you get an absolutely melodious sound.  Also, throw in the violin by Julie and they produce a genuinely unique sound.

You can check out Gone In April’s music and video on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GoneinApril/ .

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2019, All Right Reserved

Gone In April Setlist:                      (Album)
Empire Of Loss                                  (Shards Of Light)
Remember the Days                         (Threads of Existence)
If You Join Me                                     (Shards Of Light)
Our Future Line                                 (Threads of Existence)
Haven                                                   (Shards Of Light)
As Hope Welcomes Death                (Threads of Existence)


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