GWAR Brings Their Bloody Show to Marquee Theatre

Blood of The Gods movie that starts the GWAR show

Marquee Theatre, Tempe Arizona
Sunday October 27th, 2019

If you have never seen or experienced a GWAR show then you are truly missing an outrageous spectacle.  They put on an appalling exhibition of gore and fake blood.  I have been at a few shows and even with my best efforts I have also been coated.  I finally just gave up and flowed with it.  This is not your typical stage show.  They have puppets, but they are not kid friendly.  If you are grossed out easily then this is not a show for you.  But if you want to see probably the most shocking show of the year with great music then please join me as one of the fellow scumdogs.  If you need to understand that term, then either read my past reviews of GWAR or go to their website: .


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