Steve Hackett & Band performed Selling England By The Pound

Steve Hackett performing at The Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona

Review and Photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Danny Zelisko Presents
Venue: The Van Buren
Date: Thursday October 17thm 2019
Tour: Genesis Revisited Tour 2019

For some strange reason I never saw the 70s Genesis line-up perform.  I missed seeing Peter Gabriel perform his stage antics and with all of his strange costumes.  The closest we can come today is seeing a tribute band called The Musical Box.  I have seen them perform Selling England By The Pound and they are good, but to see one of the original members of Genesis perform the music is even better.

Steve Hackett performing at The Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona

Steve Hackett was the lead guitarist for Genesis from 1970 through 1977.  That flavor of Genesis produced such outstanding albums as Nursery Cryme, A Trick of the Tail, Foxtrot, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and the classic Selling England By The Pound.  It is the 40th anniversary of Steve going solo and creating Spectral Highlights in 1979.  During the last 40 years, Steve has created over 20 solo albums and has played with numerous other artists on their albums.  In the past 4 years, Steve has produced 3 new albums, Wolflight (2015), The Night Siren (2017) and his latest At The Edge of Light (2019).  Unlike a lot of other older artists, Steve is still creating new amazing music.  I have seen Steve 3 times in the last 4 years and each time he played a mixture of new material and older songs from his solo career and time with Genesis.

Steve Hackett Band’s performance at The Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona

Tonight, however was a very special show.  Steve and his band did a two-set performance.  The first set consisted on music from Spectral Highlights and his new album At The Edge of Light.  The second set was a special treat, they played the entire Selling England By The Pound in order.  Steve was joined by bass player Jonas Reingold, drummer Craig Blundell, lead singer Nad Sylvan, keyboardist Roger King and Rob Townsend playing flute, sax and other miscellaneous instruments.

Steve Hackett performing at The Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona

They started the show with his hit “Every Day” from Spectral Highlights.  It is a very upbeat tempo and really got the audience into the show.  For me this is probably the song I most associate with Steve Hackett.  Steve was just awe-inspiring as he played his gold Burny (Fernandes) guitar.  For “The Virgin and the Gypsy”, Steve sat and played an acoustic guitar.  He jokes that when he dies his friend will get the guitar, but he does not plan and him getting it for a long time.

After a short intermission the band came back out to perform the entire in order Selling England By The Pound.  The second set started with “Dancing With the Moonlit Knight”.  Nat sang awhile Steve played acoustic guitar.  For most of the audience the highlight seemed to be when they played “Firth of Fifth”.  Throughout the set there were multiple ovations and cheers.  They ended the second set with two additional songs, Steve’s “Déjà vu” and Genesis’s “Dance on a Volcano”.  Everyone was on their feet clapping and cheering and wanting more.

Probably the biggest difference from the original Genesis performance was Nat did not wear any of Peter’s costumes or perform his various stage antics, including Peter’s famous lawnmower walk.  However, it was a complete recreation of the awesome sound of the album.  Steve has pulled together a great set of musicians to help him recreate this music.  Jonas Reingold even plays guitar, bass and double neck bass/12-string guitar just like the original Genesis musician Mike Rutherford.  If you loved the early Genesis progressive style of music then you will really enjoy this tour.  I was a huge fan of Genesis and it was truly a great experience to hear Sell England By The Pound live and performed by a set of master musicians.

You can find additional information about Steve and his music at his website including his upcoming England tour in December: .  It looks like he will be back in North America starting in February.  He will also be on the “Cruise to the Edge” cruise from 27th of March to 1st of April, .

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2019, All Rights Reserved

Steve Hacket Setlist:                                      (Album)
Set 1:
Every Day                                                            (Spectral Mornings)
Under the Eye of the Sun                              (At the Edge of Light)
Fallen Walls and Pedestals                           (At the Edge of Light)
Beasts in Our Time                                           (At the Edge of Light)
The Virgin and the Gypsy                              (Spectral Mornings)
Tigermoth                                                           (Spectral Mornings)
Spectral Mornings                                           (Spectral Mornings)
Horizons                                                              (Foxtrot / Genesis song)
The Red Flower of Tachai Blooms Everywhere    (Spectral Mornings)
Clocks – The Angel of Mons                          (Spectral Mornings)

Set 2:                                                             (Selling England by the Pound):
Dancing With the Moonlit Knight
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
Firth of Fifth
More Fool Me
The Battle of Epping Forest
After the Ordeal
The Cinema Show
Aisle of Plenty
Déjà vu                                                           (Watcher of the Skies: Genesis Revisited)
Dance on a Volcano                                     (A Trick of the Tail / Genesis song)
Myopia / Los Endos / Slogans / Los Endos (reprise)


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