Suicide Silence – Virtual World Tour 2020 – LIVE LIFE HARD

Suicide Silence performs live at the Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ on October 22, 2015.

Review by Fred Kuhlman
Date: Wednesday July 8th, 2021
Band’s Facebook Page:
Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Suicide Silence is an American deathcore band from Riverside, California that formed in 2002.  It has been 5 years since I saw Suicide Silence with Korn at the Marquee Theatre here in Tempe, Arizona.  With the ongoing Covid-19 situation, they like all other bands have not been able to tour.  So instead they have come up with an aggressive virtual online concert tour setup.  They do 1 to 3 unique LIVE online concerts per day.  Each show is unique for a given city or region.  In our case it was for the greater Phoenix, Arizona area on Wednesday July 8th.  To see when they will be available in your area (or anywhere else) check out their facebook page:

The current band consists of rhythm guitarist Chris Garza, lead guitarist Mark Heylmun, drummer Alex Lopez and bass player Dan Kenny.  The newest member of the band is lead signer Hernan “Eddie” Hermida who replaced longtime front man Mitch Lucker after his death in 2012.  This was the same line-up I saw in 2015 and they were amazing.

As with all online videos, the quality of the video and sound depend a lot on the transmitting setup and your receiving setup.  I watched the show on my home PC with a direct 1Gb connection so my setup was ok.  I was very pleased that whatever setup the band was using, it was the best I have seen for a live online concert to date.  The video was perfectly clear and sharp and only cut out once for about 2 seconds.  The sound was also very well sync’d to the video.  I only detected a <1 second delay in the drum sound a couple of times.  Otherwise it was outstanding.  This is by far well superior to anything I have been watching on YouTube.

They started with different members of the band talking about the merchandise center.  If you want to purchase anything just like you were at a live show, they had links at the bottom of the stream.  Remember, bands really need our money to help them during this s-storm and purchasing items directly from them helps.  Another member talked about the chat window and how we the audience can vote for different songs during the concert.  This was one of the reasons I wanted to watch this on my PC, so I could see the merchandise links and the chat window at the same time as the performance.  The actual show started at 7:07 PM Arizona time.  For the next 45 minutes, we experienced classis death metal music with driving guitar riffs, pounding bass and drums and outrageous guttural roars.

They started with an instrumental warmup and then Eddie came out and cried out “ARIZONA, F-up your mother’s basement”.  It took only 15 seconds for Eddie to provide the first growl.  The running joke was that we should do a shot each time Eddie growled.  After the first song I realized that if we did this we were going to be very drunk by the end of the show.  Thank god we were home and didn’t have to drive.

At one-point Eddie mentioned the Marquee Theatre which is one of the premier venues for Metal shows in the greater Phoenix area.  Eddie also mentioned a number of Arizona cities during another song.  It was a very nice touch and showed that this was truly a Live show directed to the Arizona crowd.

I also watched the running chat room during the show.  A number of fans were commenting on forming a mosh pit, head banging and doing shots.  The funniest one was the comment about “his grandmother was circling him in the pit”.  I wanted to head bang so hard, but I was afraid I would lose or destroy my headphones.  One unique thing done was to ask the fans to vote on which song to play near the end of the show.  For us in Arizona it was between “Bludgeoned to Death” and “Love Me To Death”.  “Love Me To Death“ won, which is different from other shows.  They ended the concert by playing “Hold Me Up, Hold Me Down”.

Overall, it was a fantastic concert.  Great music and outstanding musicians.  The video and sound were perfect and should be used as a standard for all other virtual concerts.  Its quality was as good as DVD and possibly even Blu-Ray.  From the chat comments, it did not look like anyone was having issued with the connection.  This is testament to the engineers that are producing this virtual concert.  I hope Nuclear Blast and Bandsintown continue this virtual concert setup for other bands.

The show was about 45 minutes and then after a short break, the band gathered in a room and answered questions from the fans.  The question at times were strange, like “What is your favorite Star Wars character?”  They did talk about living together to produce these shows and how they missed the actual audience interaction.  They spent over 30 minutes taking questions.  This was really nice because it was like meeting the band after the show.

I would highly recommend getting this concert.  You can either get the one for your area or any other area.  They are currently setup for shows through July.

When I get the full setlist for the Arizona show I will update the review.


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