Feelin’ Alright – Finally

Dave Mason at Talking Stick Resort Showroom, Scottsdale, Arizona

Review by Fred Kuhlman
Date: Friday 24th July, 2020

With all of the crap going on, it was really nice to just sit back and enjoy something.  I am talking about the YouTube video just released my one of my favorite musicians, Dave Mason.  Like the rest of us, Dave has been stuck at home and unable to perform live for his adoring fans.  One of Dave’s best known and fan favorite songs, “Feelin’ Alright” was just redone by Dave with a number of his friends.

Dave was joined by Sammy Hagar, Mick Fleetwood, Michael McDonald, Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons, John McFee, John Cowan, Alvino Bennett, Rob Arthur and Pat Simmons Jr.  This motley crew is known as Dave Mason And The Quarantines.  No, they were not all together to produce this recording.  It looked like they were in separate recording studios or their homes.  The amount of effort to record, sync and master these different musicians was remarkable.  I could not tell any sync issues with any of there performances and it looked like they were all recorded in a master studio and not in multiple settings.

I am not sure actually now Dave pulled this off, but it is probably the second-best version of this song I have ever heard Dave play.  I am very partial since I have been lucky enough to see Dave perform multiple times and the last time, I saw him, I was blown away by the band’s performance (plus a friend of mine was on stage singing with the band on this song, Hi Danny).

The song starts with a piano intro and an introduction of the band members.  Then Dave come on singing the opening lyrics, with cut scene of the other band members.  The second verse was sung by Sammy Hagar with the other band members coming in with the chorus.  Then Michael McDonald came in and did the third verse.

From a video quality, it is extremely good and the sound quality is outstanding.  If you want to just feel good again and forget about all of the crap going on, then this is a must-see video.  Personally, I would love to see more videos like this done by Dave or other 60 & 70 artists because we need a little “Feelin’ Alright” now.

Links to Video:
Dave Mason’s Website:  https://www.davemasonmusic.com/home

YouTube Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd56ap_aa4k&list=RDXd56ap_aa4k&start_radio=1


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