Yngwie Malmsteen Returns to Valley, Kurt Deimer Along for Ride on May 24th at Marquee Theatre

Yngwie Malmsteen of Generatiopn Axe

Tuesday May 24th, 2022 is the return of guitar extraordinary Yngwie Malmsteen to the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, AZ. Probably one of the greatest guitar players out there today, Yngwie is a force to reckon with. With his over powering guitar play and his mix of guitar stunts, like spinning the guitar around his body as he plays, Yngwie will both delight and amaze you.

Joining Yngwie on this tour is Kurt Deimer. Kurt is a writer, actor and now musician. His smoky voice is powerful.

I was lucky enough to see Yngwie when he was part of the Generation AXE tour with fellow greats, Steve Via and Zack Wilde. Yngwie put on a guitar clinic and astonished all of us. I saw Kurt last year when he toured with Geoff Tate and Kurt was great. Together this show should be fantastic.

Concert is on Tuesday May 24th and tickets are available at the Marquee Theatre.


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