About Us

Desert sky
Dream beneath a desert sky
The rivers run but soon run dry
We need new dreams tonight

In God’s County – U2

This site was born beneath a desert sky.  At outdoor festivals of the desert southwest to be precise, where the original photos display on this site were shot.  We love the desert.  We call Phoenix home, along with its burbs of Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale and other locales around the valley.  We have a chip on our shoulder – we think that our town gets too little national respect for concerts and live music.  New York, LA, San Francisco and Seattle all get plenty of coverage.  Hipster towns like Austin, Denver/Boulder and Portland seem to get plenty of coverage.  Phoenix….not so much.  We expect to change that.  Through our photography we will document the live music scene in the Phoenix area – both national touring acts and local acts.  This blog will provide a forum for the rest of the country to see the vibrancy of the Phoenix live music scene.

This live music blog is dedicated to rock music and photographers that enjoy capturing it in still images.  We expect to cover rock in all (or at least most) of its incarnations – hard rock, alt rock, classic rock, punk, indie, metal, thrash, folk….  Some of the music we cover may even cross over into other genres.  We may even cover some straight-up country, pop, rap or hip-hop depending on how we feel at any given moment.  We are not here to debate the contours of where rock ends and other genres begin; we are here to appreciate the music and photograph the musicians who make it.

We love the photographers who have photographed music and musicians before us.  Classic photographers like Bob Gruen, Anne Leibovitz, Jim Marshall, and Chris Walters who not only shaped the nature of music photography, but whose photographs influenced and shaped the very nature of rock music itself.  While we don’t dare to put ourselves in the same category as those masters, we hope to use our photography to communicate the energy, vibrancy and urgency of rock music and musicians in the same way that they did in the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s.

We are dedicated to producing clear, sharp, well composed, well exposed, low noise images of high volume live music.  We love the art and the craft of photography.  We love music.  We love the photographing live music performances.  We hope you enjoy our images.