Welcome to a Night of Rock and Blues with The Tedeschi Trucks Band

Tedeschi Trucks Band at Tucson CC Music Hall

Review and photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Danny Zelisko Presents
Venue: Tucson CC Music Hall
Date: Tuesday May 14, 2019
Tour: Signs 2019 Tour

Tedeschi Trucks Band at Tucson CC Music Hall

The Tedeschi Trucks band is an American Rock/Blues band with husband and wife dual Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi.  Both Susan and Derek were accomplished musicians before they formed this Grammy Award winning band.  Some of you might remember Derek playing with The Allman Brothers Band.  Derek’s father was one of the drummers for The Allman Brothers Band.  Together, Susan and Derek have produced 4 studio albums with their latest being Signs.  Four of the songs from tonight’s show come from this new album.

Susan Tedeschi of Tedeschi Trucks Band at Tucson CC Music Hall
Derek Trucks of Tedeschi Trucks Band at Tucson CC Music Hall

Susan takes on the duties of both lead singer and guitarist.  Derek provides lead guitar with his unique slide playing style.  While Susan is out front projecting the music into the audience, Derek is more subdued by just enthralling us with his masterful style.  This is a unique rock/blues band in that they (like the Allman Brother and Grateful Dead) have a dual drumming core and a brass and sax section.  To provide backing and sometimes lead vocals, there is a 3-member team of singers.  The following are the current members of the band: Susan Tedescki (lead singer and guitar), Derek Trucks (lead guitar), Brandon Boone (bass guitar), Gabe Dixon (keyboards), JJ Johnson (drums), Tyler Greenwell (drums), Mike Mattison (backing vocals, lead vocals), Mark Rivers (backing vocals, lead vocals), Alecia Chakour (backing vocals), Kebbi Williams (saxophone), Ephraim Owens (trumpet) and Elizabeth Lea (trombone).

They started the show with one of my favorite songs, “Don’t Let Me Slide” from their debut album Revelator that won them a Grammy Award For Best Blues Album.  It definitely reminds me of The Allman Brothers Band style of Southern soulful rock.  They then did “I’m Gonna Be There” from their new album Signs.  They broke the show up into 2 sets with a short intermission.  Instead of just repeating the songs they played, you can check out the setlist below.

Besides Susan’s spectacular voice, she is also an incredible guitarist providing rhythm and sometimes lead guitar.  Derek is the consummate southern rock guitarist, not fancy but just provides unbelievable lead guitar licks.  Most of the night I saw him pluck his guitar as he used a finger slide to glide over the neck of his guitar to produce his amazing sound.  If the dual drummers are ON, they can provide an incredible rhythm and these two drummers were spot on.  With the backing vocalists and the horn section, it adds a level of depth that you don’t get with most bands.  Overall, this band produced a full and rich sound that enhanced the music.

The crowd was very interesting.  It seemed that the right side of the audience was into it the most.  They were standing and dance for most of the second set.  Finally, for the last 3 songs, most the main floor was up and dancing.  I came down from Phoenix to see the show, but I was talking with a couple that was from Prescott Valley over 200 miles away and they came just to see them.  It was great to see almost a full venue (over 2000) after the other night of only 70 people showing up at different concert.  For a lot of bands, concerts are their only real revenue, so please go to the shows to help support these outstanding bands.

If you missed them in Tucson, then you still have a chance to see them in Mesa, Arizona on Saturday May 18th, 2019 at the Mesa Amphitheater.  They are also going to live stream via “nugs.com” their 2 live shows in California on this Thursday and Friday, May 16th & 17th, 2019.  You can find out more details here: https://www.nugs.net/watch-live-music/ .

This was my first concert at the Tucson CC Music Hall (I saw Spamalot there a few years ago).  It is an amazing concert/show venue with a large sloping main floor with 2 levels of balcony.  The sound was very good and you could hear each of the band members as they performed their mini solos during the performance.  Susan’s voice was also clear and resonate throughout the hall.  If you are in Tucson and get a chance to see a show or concert at the Music Hall it is definitely worth it.  Major hint: Styx and Chicago are coming to the Music Hall this summer.  Both are must see shows (I saw both this year and they were great).

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2019, All Rights Reserved

Tedeschi Trucks Band Setlist:             (Album)
Set 1:
Don’t Let Me Slide                                  (Revelator)
I’m Gonna Be There                               (Signs)
Part Of Me                                             (Made Up Mind)
Down In The Flood                                 (Already Free / The Derek Trucks Band)
Somebody Pick Up My Pieces                 (Willie Nelson Cover)
Hard Case                                              (Signs)
Right On Time                                         (Let Me Get By)
Show Me                                                (Joe Tex Cover)
Don’t Keep Me Wonderin                         (The Allman Brothers Band Cover)
Don’t Drift Away                                     (Made Up Mind)
Don’t Know What It Means                      (Let Me Get By)
Shame (TV)                                            (Signs)
Its So Heavy                                           (Made Up Mind)
Keep On Growing                                     (Let Me Get By)
Key To The Highway
Leavin Truck                                           (Live from the Fox Oakland)
Let Me Get By                                         (Let Me Get By)
Signs, High Times                                    (Signs)



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