STYX Rocks the House at Celebrity Theatre

Styx at Celebrity Theatre on Spet 8th, 2021

Review and Photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Danny Zelisko Presents ( )
Venue: Celebrity Theatre ( )
Date:  Wednesday September 8th, 2021

It has been almost 18 months since Danny Zelisko Presents had a concert at the Celebrity Theatre.  STYX was a great comeback and to start the concert season.

At different periods, different areas of the US have produced a musical trend.  In the 60s it was California, both LA and San Francisco.  In the 80s it was the hair bands of LA and the punk bands of New York.  But in the 70s there was a large number of great rock n roll bands came from the Midwest.  One of those bands was from the Chicago area, STYX.  The band combined hard rock with a mix of acoustic songs.  STYX has been called hard rock, pop rock, progressive rock, but in reality, they are just an outstanding and fun rock n’ roll band.

Chuck Panozzo of Styx at Celebrity Theatre on Spet 8th, 2021

The band was originally founded by Chuck and John Panozzo and Dennis DeYoung.  Currently only Chuck performs with the band on a limited number of songs.  Since those early days they have added James “J.Y.” Young which help drive the band into a heavier sound.  Then in December of 1975, Tommy Shaw joined.  The current STYX linkup consists of Tommy Shaw and James “J.Y.” Young on guitar and vocals, Lawrence Gowan on keyboard and vocals, Ricky Phillips on bass and Todd Sucherman on drums.  They were joined on this tour by Will Evankovich on guitar.  Will helped produce their latest album Clash of the Crown.  For the last few songs, Chuck Panozzo came out to play bass.  It is always special to see Chuck perform with the rest of the band.

Styx at Celebrity Theatre on Spet 8th, 2021

A large number of the songs at tonight show were from their latest album, Crash of the Crown.  The Prog Report reviewed the album and says it “stands as one of the very finest in their catalogue”.  It is great seeing a band that has been around since the 70s still creating incredible new music.  Intermixed with these new songs were all of their mega hits.  At our show, they did 2 1-hour sets.

Everyone in the audience was having a great time.  Many people were standing and dancing in the aisle.  Also, on many of the songs, the crowd sang along.  You could tell that the band was really enjoying themselves.  As Tommy said, they have been waiting for over a year to get back playing to an audience.  STYX is one of those bands that seems to love playing live.  Each year they tour to sold out venues.  Unfortunately, tonight’s show was only about ¾ full.  I believe this was due to the people still being afraid of large gatherings.  If you get a chance to see SYTX when they visit your area, I highly recommend it.  If you love rock n’ roll and seeing a groups of great musicians and performer, then this is a show for you.  Personally, I have been a fan of STYX since the mid-70s.  I have seen them over 10 times and I love seeing each show.  Tommy’s and Lawrence’s voices are still strong and amazing.  The guitar work is remarkable and Todd on drums is masterful.  Also seeing Chuck perform is a real treat.

Styx at Celebrity Theatre on Spet 8th, 2021

STYX was made for the Celebrity Theatre.  If you have not been at the Celebrity Theatre, it is a theater in the round.  The stage rotated 360 degrees giving all of the audience a great view of the band.  With the outstanding sound system installed a few years ago this is one of the best venues to see a concert.  STYX had minimal equipment on stage, just the drum kit (on a raised platform), the Mics and a pedal set for Tommy Shaw.  Otherwise, nothing else was on stage.  This allowed the band to constantly be moving around and playing to different sections of the audience.  At one point, Lawrence borrowed a ladies phone and took video of the crowd and the rest of the band.

The Celebrity Theatre is taking the steps to create a safe environment for their workers, the performers and the audience.  They now require either a Covid-19 shot record or a negative Covid-19 test in the last 72 hours.  A number of other venues have also (or will shortly) implemented this protocol.  Thanks to a local radio station, for this show they provided rapid Covid-19 testing incase you forgot your Covid-19 record or did not have a valid negative test.  People this is the ways things are going to have to be if we want to continue having concerts.  Please get your shots and let’s continue to enjoy concerts.  BTW: I had a photo of my Covid-19 shot card on my cell phone and they excepted it.

Photos by Fred Kuhlman, All Rights Reserved

STYX Setlist:                                     (Album)
Set 1:
Fight of Our Lives                              (Crash Of The Crown)
Blue Collar Man                                 (Pieces Of Eight)
Grand Illusion                                     (The Grand Illusion)
Lady                                                    (Styx II)
Reveries                                              (Crash Of The Crown)
Light Up                                             (Equinox)
Man In The Wilderness                      (The Grand Illusion)
Rockin’ The Paradise                         (Paradise Theatre)
Save Us From Ourselves                    (Crash Of The Crown)
Pieces Of Eight                                   (Pieces Of Eight)
The Outpost                                        (The Mission)
Too Much Time on My Hands           (Paradise Theatre)
Set 2:
Red Storm                                           (The Mission)
Suite Madam Blue                              (Equinox)
Sound The Alarm                                (Crash Of The Crown)
Crystal Ball                                         (Crystal Ball)
Crash Of The Crown                          (Crash Of The Crown)
Fooling Yourself                                 (The Grand Illusion)
Come Sail Away                                 (The Grand Illusion)
Mr. Roboto                                         (Kilroy Was Here)
Renegade                                            (Pieces Of Eight)



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