Sweden-based trio Monolord brings its interpretation of “doom” to Rebel Lounge in Phoenix


I have to say that, generally speaking, I’ve never really cared for the term “heavy metal”. In short order, I think it’s completely outdated. I much prefer to call it hard rock. Covers more ground musically that way as well, for the better I might add.

With that in mind, when I first heard the music of Monolord, the first thing that came to mind was the influence of Black Sabbath, with a little bit of Melvins-like distortion thrown in for good measure.

What I didn’t know until recently was they actually recorded their own 12-minute version of Sabbath’s Fairies Wear Boots. The cool thing is, Monolord (which consists of guitarist/vocalist Thomas Jager, bassist Mika Hakki, and drummer Esben Willems) do indeed make the song their own.

Now on tour behind their new album Your Time To Shine (released in October 2021), Willems explained to me in a recent chat how the record took shape.

“Considering how awful the past two years have been for everyone around the world, I have to say that, creatively, this hiatus was in some ways the best thing for us”, Willems said. “It really made us focus on writing the best songs we could. In fact, they were so good that it’s hard for me to pick my favorites from the album. We love them all”, he states proudly.

Songs like opening track The Weary, I’ll Be Damned, and the 10-minute title track are standouts on the album.

When asked what fans can expect when Monolord plays the Rebel Lounge this Fri. March 25 (Firebreather and Aiwass open the show), Willems said “just a great night of music. We can’t wait to get to Phoenix. The tour has been a blast so far, and the response from our fans has been incredible. Live music is indeed back!”

Doors open at 7:00 p.m. Show starts at 8:00 p.m.

-Val Tapia, BADS Contributing Writer


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