Ground Control to Major Tom – Celebrating David Bowie’s Music at Celebrity Theatre

Celebrating David Bowie Concert at Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ on November 13th, 2022

Review and Photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Danny Zelisko Presents ( )
Venue: Celebrity Theatre ( )
Date:  Sunday November 13th, 2022
Tour: Celebrating David Bowie – Live In Concert 2022

In 2016 we lost one of the great singers and performers from the 60s thru the 90s, David Bowie.  For me he became one of the greatest when he created The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars album and the massive hits “Starman” and “Suffragette City” in 1972.  This album is so great, it was preserved in the USA National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress.

It is a shame that David’s albums never did as well in the USA as in England.  However, he did rack up a number of Platinum and Gold albums over his career.  David won 6 Grammy Awards, received an honorary doctorate from Berklee College of Music and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.  However, David did turn down a British Knighthood in 2003.

Over David’s five-decade career, he created such great songs as, “Starman”, Suffragette City”, “Fame”, “Heroes”, “Let’s Dance”, “Modern Love”, “Changes”, “Life on Mars?” and the truly outstanding “Space Oddity”.  Besides being a musician, David was also an actor and stared in a number of movies and TV shows.

Celebrating David Bowie Concert at Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ on November 13th, 2022

In celebration of David’s long career and amazing music, a group of very talented musicians got together an put together a tour to bring David’s songs back to life.  This band consists of guitarist Scrote, Ron Dziubla on sax, bassist Angeline Saris and drummer Michael Urbano.  Outstanding artists Adrian Belew, Todd Rundgren, Angelo Moore and Royston Langdon shared the responsibility of singing David Bowie’s amazing songs.  Because there were 4 different main singers, they were able to perform the entire show of 28 songs and 2 encore songs without an intermission.

Celebrating David Bowie Concert at Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ on November 13th, 2022

Adrian and Royston stayed on stage for the entire show because they played guitar (Adrian) and keyboards or guitar (Royston).  However, Todd and Angelo would come on stage for their songs.  Both Todd and Angelo also changed outfits each time they came out.  Todd was in a yellow suit for “Young Americans”, a blue tee-shirt covered in masks for “Changes”, and a truly colorful outfit for when he did “Life on Mars?”.

Celebrating David Bowie Concert at Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ on November 13th, 2022

Not to be outdone, Angelo also had an assortment of outfits for the evening.  For “Moonage Daydream” he was in an outfit that reminded me of someone from a horror flick about New Orleans voodoo, for “Starman” he was in a red suit, later in a clown suit and then in a white suit with white top hat, a blue suit and finally in a white shirt and fez.  Angelo even jumped off the stage and walked on the seats in the audience as he sang on of his later songs.

With so many great songs, it was hard to decide which songs I would have put into the main set, which one to end the show with and then which to do as the encore.  But I believe they did a great job of the setlist order (see below).  I got to see David Bowie perform once back in the 70s and this show brought back great memories of that past show.  David was a trend setter with his glam rock persona and then punk/pop influences.

Celebrating David Bowie Concert at Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ on November 13th, 2022

At the end of the show, Angelo invited fans on to the stage (he actually pulled them up) to sing and dance to the music.

Celebrating David Bowie Concert at Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ on November 13th, 2022

This was the last show of the tour.  So, the band invited all of the crew on stage and recognized them.  This is a nice touch since the crew is usually ghosts.

They ended the main set with “Rebel, Rebel” and “All The Young Dudes” which had everyone in the audience singing along and dancing.  For the encore they performed “Suffragette City” and “Heroes”.

Unfortunately, this was the last show of this tour.  I have not seen it listed as continuing next year, but if it does, I would very highly recommend it.  Not only do you get to hear David’s beautiful music, but you get to hear it performed by an outstanding group of musicians.

To find out more about Celebrating David Bowie, check out their website and Facebook page.
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Photos by Fred Kuhlman, All Rights Reserved

Celebrating David Bowie Setlist:       (Singing Artist)
Sound and Vision                                (Adrian Belew)
Young Americans                                (Todd Rundgren)
Moonage Daydream                           (Angelo Moore)
Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide                            (Royston Langdon)
Changes                                              (Todd Rundgren)
Starman                                               (Adrian Belew)
The Man Who Sold the World            (Royston Langdon)
John, I’m Only Dancing                       (Angelo Moore)
Ziggy Stardust                                     (Royston Langdon)
Life on Mars?                                       (Todd Rundgren & Adrian Belew)
Ashes to Ashes                                    (Angelo Moore)
Fame                                                    (Adrian Belew)
Fashion                                                (Scrote)
Golden Years                                       (Royston Langdon)
Stay                                                     (Scrote & Adrian Belew)
Station to Station                                (Angelo Moore & Todd Rundgren)
Breaking Glass                                    (Royston Langdon & Angelo Moore)
D.J. / Boys Keep Swinging                   (Adrian Belew)
Sax Solo                                              (Played by Ron Dziubla)
Space Oddity                                      (All)
The Stars (Are Out Tonight)                (Scrote)
Hallo Spaceboy                                   (Angelo Moore)
I’m Afraid of Americans                      (Royston Langdon)
Pretty Pink Rose                                  (Adrian Belew & Todd Rundgren)
Blue Jean                                             (Angelo Moore)
Let’s Dance                                          (Royston Langdon)
Rebel Rebel                                         (Angelo Moore)
All the Young Dudes                           (Todd Rundgren)
Suffragette City                                   (Angelo Moore)
“Heroes”                                              (All)



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