Pierce The Veil and The Used Draw The Masses In Phoenix


Review and Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana
Promoter: Big Picture Media (https://bigpicturemediaonline.com/)
Venue: Arizona Financial Theater (https://www.livenation.com/venue/KovZpZAEk7lA/arizona-financial-theatre-events)
Date:  Sunday June 2, 2023
Tour: The Creative Control Tour

As you walked up to the Arizona Financial Theater, the line could be seen wrapping around the building. One person mentioned they had been there waiting since five AM in hopes of getting to the barricade. Tonight’s show was a double headliner with Pierce the Veil and The Used. This is a concert I have been looking forward to all year! This was a show everyone has been anticipating.

Pierce the Veil is a post-hardcore/punk-pop band from San Diego, California that formed in 2006. The band was founded by two brother Vic and Mike Fuentes. Mike Fuentes left the band in 2017. The current line up is made up by Vic Fuentes- lead vocals/guitar/keyboards, Tony Perry- guitar and Jaime Preciado – bass/backing vocals/keyboards/programming. 

“El Rey” by Vicente Fernandez began to play as the house lights went off. The fans screamed and pulled out their cellphones and began to record. The song faded out as the lights came on and a curtain was seen covering the stage. All of a sudden the bands music began, the curtain dropped and all of a sudden there was a loud boom. Confetti and streamers hit the air as the band came onto the stage. They opened their set with “Death of an Executioner”.  Fans screamed with joy and excitement. This is what they had been waiting for all day. The band put on an amazing performance that left everyone wanting more. Preciado was the most notable and had the most stage prescience. He bounced around all over the stage. He gave fans the experience they were looking for and he interacted with them. Fuentes for the most part stayed center stage but he also did move to different areas on the stage when he could. Perry also could be seen moving around the stage. The band kept their energy through the whole set. I remember listening to “King For A Day” in high school. They closed out their set with “King For A Day”. Everyone went ballistic! All the memories flooded back. Their performance was a ton of fun and memorable. 

Pierce The Veil

Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana, All Rights Reserved

I couldn’t hold back my excitement for The Used’s set. They released their newest album Toxic Positivity in May. I fell in love with this album, if an album was going to be the anthem of my life it would be Toxic Positivity. The Used formed in 2000 in Orem, Utah. The current line up is formed by Bert McCracken–lead vocals/piano/keyboards, Jeph Howard-bass/backing vocals, Dan Whitesides-drums/backing vocals and Joey Bradford-guitar/backing vocals. 

The stage hands set up the stage and hung a white curtain with The Used’s logo on it. As soon as the music began the curtain dropped and the band came out! The whole stage was covered in pink and white roses and flowers. They opened their set with Tale It Away”. Everyone cheered and screamed. McCracken came out in sunglasses and a Lightning McQueen backpack. They then played “Bird and the Worm” off their 2007 album Lies For the Liars. Everyone began to sing at the top of their lung including myself. I was instantly transported back to high school hanging out with my best friend as we listened to music and read manga books. 

McCrackin stayed in one spot for the first three songs and as their set continued he bang to get more energy and move around. They then played their single “Fuck You” that was released in October of 2022. The band all faced the audience and raises their middle fingers to the air. The fans followed suite as they sang along. The only song the band played off their newest album was “Giving Up”.  Their whole set was great but I wish there were a few more songs off of Toxic Positivity sprinkled into their set but overall the performance and set were amazing. This set was the cherry on top. The first time I saw The Used live was at the 25th Anniversary for Vans Warped Tour. I thought that set was the best but it seems like every time I see them they get better and better. They closed out their show with “Pretty Handsome Awkward”. I can’t wait to see them again and what else they bring to the table. 

The Used

Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana, All Rights Reserve

Don Broco was the second opener of the night. Don Broco hails from Bedford, England and formed in 2008. The band is made up by Rob Damiani –vocals, Simon Delaney – guitar, Matt Donnelly – drums/vocals and Tom Doyle (Tommy Tumbles)– bass/programming. This band is always a fun one to watch! They always have a ton of energy. The last time Don Broco was in Phoenix was in 2022 when they opened up for Sleeping With Sirens at The Van Buren. The crowd was a mix of those who have seen Fon Broco before and those who have never heard of them. Damiani came out sporting 80s styled track pants. Their first song was “Boys of Summer”.  Everyone loved their energy. Every band member ran from side to side of the stage. Jumping and moving around. Diamani also interacted with the audience a lot. Many people became Don Broco fans after they ended their set. 

Don Broco

Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana, All Rights Reserved

The first band of the night was Girlfriends.  

Girlfriends is a two man band formed by Nick Gross-drums and Travis Mills-vocals/guitar. Gross is also the founder of Gross Labs. Gross Labs is a Los Angeles based multi-dimensional entertainment and media company. Mills hosts MTV’s Ghosted: Love Gone Missing and Travis Mills LIVE on Apple Music’s Beats 1. This band was a fun way to open the concert. They grabbed everyone’s attention and brought the energy. Many people sang along to their music and those who didn’t know them seemed to really enjoy their set. This band has been on a long tour ride that started in April with Avril Lavigne and ended on July 2nd with The Used and Pierce the Veil. I can’t wait to see what else this band does and they are definitely one to keep an eye on!


Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana, All Rights Reserved


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