The Offspring ‘Let the Bad Times Roll’ This Summer


Review and Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana
Venue: Talking Stick (
Date:  Wednesday August 9, 2023
Tour: Let The Bad Times Roll Tour

This year is the year of classics. Not your classic’s from the 80s but the new classics bands from the late 90s to early 2000s. These bands are being considered the new “dad rock”. This year three great bands joined forces and “Let the Bad Times Roll” all summer long.

The Offspring headlined the tour. Their set was fun and energetic. Before they got on stage they had an interactive camera that went around the venue finding people while music was playing. At the very end they played “I Like Big Butts” by Sir Mix-a-lot. Fans of all ages began to shake their butts into the camera and everyone was having a fun time. The Offspring formed in 1984 in Garden Grove, California. It was finally time for the band to come onto the stage and everyone stood up from their seats. Everyone could see how much fun the band was having wile performing. They opened their set with “Come Out and Play”. Everyone sang and danced along word for word. The band for the most part stayed in their spots, but every once in a while Kevin Wasserman AKA Noodles and Dexter Holland would move around the stage. Everyone was enjoying themselves and this tour really brought me back to The Vans Warped Tour 25th Anniversary.

The Offspring

Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana, All Rights Reserved

The second band to hit the stage was Simple Plan. Simple plan is from Quebec, Canada and formed in 1999. This was every angsty teens band. We always thought life was hard and Simple Plan was the perfect band to relate too. Their songs are timeless and still easily relatable too. The opening song that the band walked out to was the main song from Star Wars. The minute the band came out their energy was contagious. Everyone instantly began jumping up and down. Bringing up memories from concerts past. The band opened up their set with “I’d Do Anything”. Instantly everyone sang along. They were out of their chairs singing along. Pierre Bouvier was smiling from ear to ear.

Bouvier and the rest of the band moved around all over the stage. Bouvier also interacted with the crowd throughout his set. He encouraged them to jump along to their songs. This bands performance was full of fun and energy. Everyone screamed with joy when the band began to play “Addicted”. Not one person could be seen not singing along, who would not sing along to this classic song. Overall this band is a great one to watch perform. Their energy and interaction with the crow makes them stand out from other bands.

Simple Plan

Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana, All Rights Reserved

The first band to hit the stage for the night was Sum 41. Sum 41 hails from Ajax, Ontario Canada and formed in 1996. This band hit the ground running and instantly hit the audience will a wall of music. They opened up their set with “Motivation” followed by “The Hell Song”. Many people in the audience were singing along. This was one of the first bands I discovered out of the three from the night. I remember listening to their songs and thinking how much I could relate to them. Deryck Whibley was an amazing front man. he interacted with the audience multiple times throughout the night and everyone ate it up. The band moved around the stage, jumping up and down every chance they had. The highlight of the night was when Whibley announced they had recorded a new album and they would be going on a final tour next year, in 2024. He also said he wanted to see everyone back next year and the audience erupted into screams of joy, and clapping. I personally cannot wait to hear their new album and see their final tour. Sum and Simple Plan were two bands that were with me all throughout my middle school and high school days.

Sum 41

Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana, All Rights Reserved


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