Venice, CA-based rock trio OTTTO holds its own on tour…via the ‘Metallica Weekend Takeover’

OTTTO - photo credit Jeff Gilhooley

By Val Tapia, BADS Contributing Writer

Photo credit: Jeff Gilhooley

For OTTTO bassist Tye Trujillo, music has pretty much surrounded him his entire life. It was always being played in his house, so it’s not hard to imagine all that music being heard would have a positive effect on him as time went on.

OTTTO, also consisting of vocalist/guitarist Bryan Noah Ferretti and drummer Patrick “Triko” Chavez, are currently on tour to support its new album, ‘Life Is A Game’, released in March.

The album is a hybrid of funk, punk, and thrash. Yes, one can hear the influences of bands that have come before OTTTO. However, it’s what each artist does with those influences to create a sound of their own that really  matters. That’s what Trujillo hopes OTTTO is getting across with its music.

“Yeah, all three of us (in the band) listen to all kinds of music. At the very least, that keeps things fresh for us from a creative standpoint”, Trujillo stated.

“For this album, we experimented a little more musically. We wanted to get out of our confort zone, and part of that was due to working with (producer) Tim Harkins. He really helped us as far as shaping the record, getting tighter arrangements, and so on. His input was very important to us”, he added.

Songs like My Pain, Skyscraper, and The Void are just some examples of OTTTO’s committment to experimenting musically, yet retain an energy and enthusiasm that any fan of music can appreciate. Particularly in a live setting.

Speaking of playing live, OTTTO certainly has good reason to be excited on that front. The band is currently on tour, playing their own shows as well as gigs “in-between” stadium shows (usually on Saturday nights) as part of the ‘Metallica Weekend Takeover’.

Needless to say, Trujillo sounds like he’s been having the time of his life.

“Oh yeah, it’s been great”, he said. “We’ve had great turnouts during the ‘Takeover’ shows, and the Metallica fans have been fantastic to us. It’s been a great way to introduce our music to bigger crowds. We couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to turn people on to our music.”

He added.”It’s also cool to be playing these shows with Bastardane. I just love those guys. They’re great musicians and incredible people. The energy that both bands are putting out is insane”, Trujillo said enthusiastically.

Some of you might be asking if Trujillo has had a chance to catch Metallica’s show on its ‘M72 World Tour’ yet? And if so, will fans be surprised with the No Repeat Weekend setlists they have planned?

“Yes, I saw the show at MetLife (in New Jersey)– it was absolutely amazing”, Trujillo said. “Also, to your nest question, another yes. They’re playing some songs that they haven’t played for a long time. I think the fans will be very happy— both nights.”

He concluded. “Us and Bastardane can’t wait to play our first Phoenix show, and we hope to see a lot of fans turn out. It’s going to be a fun, long holiday weekend for sure.”


Metallica Weekend Takeover ft. OTTTO and Bastardane

Sat. Sept. 2 at Crescent Ballroom

Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Showtime at 8:30 p.m.

Tickets: $20.00 + fees, available at


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