Weezer Rocks The World of Phoenix


Weezer made their way back to Phoenix. Everyone was ecstatic and made their way to the Arizona Financial Theater. The lines wrapped around the block.

Weezer is a band that I remember everyone listening to when I was in middle school and high school. Everyone always jammed out to “Beverly Hills” and “Say It Ain’t So”, which are two of my favorite songs. Weezer formed in 1992 in Los Angeles, California. For the most part the bands lineup has always remained pretty consistent. The line up is formed by Rivers Cuomo-lead vocals/guitar, Patrick Wilson-drums, Brian Bell-guitar/backing vocals and Scott Shriner-bass/backing vocals.

  The house lights were off and the stage lights were dimmed.  The stage was set up to look like you were sitting in the car while on a road trip. They had set up a giant dashboard and steering wheel that were connected to a car’s windshield that played travel images.

The song “Africa” by Toto started playing, the crowed cheered as the stage lights began to brighten and the band came onto the stage. The fans tried to push closer to get a better view of the band. Weezer reminds me of dad rock and boy did they deliver. Their performance was full of fun and energy, it was better than anyone would have thought. The band has a knack for showmanship.

They played their song “Beverly Hills” and instantly every voice took off singing along with the band. Everyone truly enjoyed this song and it brought back so many memories for those of us who grew up when the song had just been released. Parents had brought their kids along to experience what this band had to offer live.



The second band to take to the stage that night were Spoon. This rock band hails from Austin, Texas. The bands lineup is Britt Daniel-vocals/guitar, Jim Eno-drums, Gerardo Larios-guitar/keyboard, Alex Fischel-keyboard/guitar and Ben Trokan-bass/keyboard. Spoon is fun indie band that is really more art rock. The band is so creative when they hit the stage. Their sound and vibe is over the top creative and captivating. The band instantly caught the crowds attention. People were captivated by the bands movements and stage presence. They moved all about the stage, collapsed to the floor and over all were an entertaining band with fun and interesting songs.


White Reaper is an alternative band that comes all the way from Louisville, Kentucky.  This band is my favorite on the bill for the night but I am biased. I have seen White Reaper four times and every time they have brought energy and magic to each of their sets. I have watched this band grow from tiny dive bars to going on tour with some of the greats, including Weezer.

They have really captured the hearts of many and are still growing their fan base. This set on tour they played songs from their new album Asking For A Ride. Their new songs are fun to listen to and everyone was enjoying the set that White Reaper had provided but there was a shift change. The band decided to play “Judy French” and the audience went nuts! Everyone sang and danced along. 

White Reaper

the show was fun and overall the best experience. If you went into the not loving Weezer then you ended up leaving a bigger fan. This show was the perfect combination of different subgenres of rock and had a little something for everyone!


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