Arizona Native Luna Aura Performs At The Marquee


Review and Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana
Promoter: Lucky Man (
Venue: The Marquee ( )
Date: September 28th, 2023

Luna Aura is an amazing gender bending alternative artist. She was the perfect musician to accompany Corey Taylor on his CMFT2 Tour.

The Marquee began to fill up with people who were ready for a night filled with different genres of rock, metal and punk. Luna Aura Opened up the night with a wave of amazing alternative rock. Luna Aura is actually from Phoenix, Arizona. The set opened up with the house lights off and blue stage lights lit the area. The band members slowly came onto the stage in almost total darkness but the blue lights dimly lit their way. The band began to play, a kind of slow start to their song and then in the cover of darkness Luna came on stage.

Luna Aura came off strong and energetic! Her voice pierced the room and gained the crowds attention. The band moved all about the stage from the left to the right. Luna captivated the audience through her energy and voice. She engaged the audience through her performance and facial expressions; she constantly smiled at them.

Halfway through her performance Luna stopped to talk to the audience. She then realized her family was in the audience. She mentioned they were there and it was her birthday. Out of no where Corey Taylor came out and sang happy birthday and the audience joined in!

This show was definitely one that everyone, especially Luna, will remember. Overall Luna Aura put on an amazing performance. They captivated everyone that watched their set, and if people had not heard of them before, then they were now fans.

Luna Aura


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