Sammy Rae & Friends Unite The Masses


Review and Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana
Promoter: Lucky Man (
Venue: The Marquee ( )
Date: October 21st, 2023

The Marquee was starting to buzz with people of all ages lining up for the show. Kids as young as eight were there with their parents and adults in their 50s were also there to enjoy the show. The nights show was going to be full of positive messages and upbeat music.

The second band to go onto the stage was Sammy Rae & Friends! They came into the stage in total darkness and each member had a little later they brought onto the stage. As everyone took their places Sammy Rae came running onto the stage to take their place. The band hit the audience hard and fast with upbeat tempos! Everyone except the keyboardist and drummer moved all about the stage. Their energy and showmanship was off the hook. Fans were eating out of their hands. 

At one point Sammy Rae and the rest of the band sat down on the stage and the audience quieted down until Sammy Rae gave them the cue to jump up and clap. Everyone put their hands together and participated. Not one person was sitting still, this was the most interaction from a crowd I have ever seen. The band really knew how to capture every ones attention, they were so upbeat and fast paced that they made you want to move and dance around. The audience had so many smiles on their face. 

At one point Sammy Rae found some of the younger audience members and gave them little goodies such as guitar pics or setlists. This really made these members’ faces light up. You can also tell this band really enjoys playing and performing together. Any chance they have they interact with each other and their energy is contagious. This band is fun to watch and they really know how to light up a room full of poeple.

Sammy Rae & Friends

The first artists of the night was Victoria Canal.  She came out onto the stage and took a seat behind a keyboard. The audience clapped as she got ready to start playing her set. As she began to play she sang and voice was melodic and airy; it danced in the air and filled everyone’s ears with magic. The first song she performed was off her new EP, Well Well. “She Walks In” is a beautiful song that discusses what it’s like to be disabled or have a deformity. When she sang the line “I’m ugly and nothing will fix it. I’ll never be pretty to you”, the crowd screamed “you’re beautiful”. The moment the words hit Canal she stopped playing and blushed. The words hit her like a wave of love or a weighted blanket bringing comfort. Her fans understood and took her words to heart because they have also felt the same way. 

Canal’s songs bring to light the feelings many have struggled with but showed people it’s ok to be who you are and think you’re beautiful while being and looking different. Her words  bring comfort and encouragement. This night was her last night on this tour! Canal then asked if anyone was gay and a wave of hands when into the air and cheers were yelled. Canal laughed and said “ I’m also a queer and the next song will have a line that only the gays will get!” The next song Canal performed was “Shape”.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their set and they made it very personal as if you were viewing their set in a tiny lounge and it was you and maybe a small group watching them perform. Canal has a wonderful voice and easily makes the audience feel heard. Cana announced that they will be back in spring for their own headlining tour!

Victoria Canal


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