Queens of the Stone Age Bring Their “The End of Nero” Tour to Phoenix


The night was young and cool. People were all out and about; making their was to the restaurants and the Arizona Financial Theater. Everyone who was attending the show was excited for the night. The venue looked quiet but as the night progressed it would get busier and busier.

The first band of the night was Spiritualized. Spiritualized was formed in 1990 in 1990 in Rugby, Warwickshire, England. The band is considered to be space rock, neo-psychedelia, experimental rock, garage rock and shoegaze. The band came onto the stage. The stage was set up in a u shape and two back up singers were staged almost next to the singer. The crowd clapped as everyone took their places. The band began to perform and their music was captivating. Everyone seemed to be in a trance, watching and listening to each lyric and note the band played. Their performance was calm but lively. Everyone seemed to enjoy the set.


The second band was ready to go on and it was none other than Queens of the Stone Age!  The band formed in Seattle, Washington in 1996. The band delves into many genres including alternative rock, stoner rock, desert rock and hard rock. The bands current line up is made up by Josh Homme – lead vocals/guitar/piano/keyboard/bass, Troy Van Leeuwen – guitar/lap steel guitar, keyboards/synthesizers/percussion/backing vocals/bass, Michael Shuman – bass/keyboards/synthesizers/backing vocals, Dean Fertita – keyboards/synthesizers/guitar/percussion/backing vocals and Jon Theodore – drums/percussion/samplers. 

The fans poured in, filling all the books and cranny’s in the standing area. Every member came onto the stage and took their spots and they began to play! They opened their set up with “Regular John”. Everyone screamed and cheered as they played. The band was extremely lively! They moved all over the stage and jumped all about. The second song of their set was one of their most popular songs, “No One Knows”. Everyone sang along, screaming each word! They played other hits such as “Sick, Sick, Sick” and “Little Sister”. 

The band had so much energy that the fans caught it! Many danced and sang along to every song. Homme addressed the audience a few times throughout their set. You could tell he liked performing for everyone and enjoyed it immensely. Everyone had a wonderful night of music and fun.

Queens of the Stone Age


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