Satanic Doo-Wop Band Twin Temple Spreads the Love


It’s Valentine’s Day and no one wants to be alone. So what is the perfect solution to mend your lonesome heart or maybe take your partner in crime out?!  Well the solution is easy! Go and see the satanic Doo-Wop group Twin Temple! This is the perfectly sexy night out to one of the most romantic holidays!

Twin temple entered the stage and the sold out crowd screamed, cried and cheered. This was the moment everyone had been waiting for! The band is made up by the husband and wife duo; Zachary and Alexandra James from Los Angeles, California. This band never disappoints and always puts on an amazing show and this night was no different. 

Zachary and Alexandra joined the stage with swords where they performed a satanic prayer for the crowd. They opened up their set with “Sex Magic”, a fan favorite! Everyone sang along as they played and danced along the stage. Their outfits were incredibly cute and fit the valentines theme as they were baby pink with lots of sequin, glitter and feathers. 

As they performed the audience got more and more into the performance. Tonight was extremely memorable and Alexandra shook member’s hands while she performed. She would stop and talk to the audience asking if they wanted to hear stories and what they wanted next. At one point she talked about how people went and protested their show in Utah and that it did not stop them or their fans from attending. She would jump around the stage dancing seductively. 

At one point Alexandra left the stage while her saxophone player performed an incredible solo. When she returned she bit her lip and walked over to Zachary who have grabbed her passionately and kissed her! The audience screamed in delight! They played major songs such as “God Is a Woman”, “Black Magic”, “I’m Wicked” and many more. Their set ended with them sacrificing a baby and the audience clapped. The audience chanted for more songs thinking there would be an encore but unfortunately there was no more to come. This was my second time seeing Twin Temple and both shows were very different from each other with hints of familiarity, darkness, fun and rush of passion.

Twin Temple

The first band to hit the stage was Vowws. This Australian duo is formed by Matt James-vocals/guitar and Rizz-vocals/keyboardist. This fun rock/darkwave band was a fun and dark way to start the evening. It seemed like a lot of people were hearing this band for the first time. Their songs were dark and enticing. They had a wonderful mix of fast paced and slow songs. They also had a unique sound and used a CB microphone for some of their songs. Vowws is a band I would love to see again!



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