Switchfoot at Marquee Theatre


img_8555The crowd a band draws to a concert says a lot about their music. It can reveal their type of style, social media presence, and of course their genre. Switchfoot however had me stumped, as I had only listened to one of their songs prior to the concert. Before they stepped on stage I glanced across the pact theater seeing a diverse audience from a few children to many teens and adults, which lead me to assume they had to be genuine and talented. A perfect concert to watch before Thanksgiving.

While keeping the crowd alive with energy, in between songs they promoted their personal organization, BRO-AM, where all net proceeds from every pre-sale ticket for specific special events go directly to supporting the youth of San Diego. As seen on their website their thought process was, “What if we could bring together friends from the surf industry and the music industry for a charity surf contest that raised funds for kids in need? What if we gave a free concert on the beach? What if we used our stage to let homeless and at-risk youth know that their stories were powerful – as powerful as the music we play every night? We want those kids to know that they matter and that we celebrate the tenacity of the journey they are taking, and that we want to invest in their futures. That’s how the BRO-AM was born.” You could see the positive personality in how lead vocalist Jon Foreman was alive and invested in the Arizonan crowd at the Marquee November 20th.

The music was that much better because you could tell they wanted to be there. The band to fan interaction was by far the best one I have experienced. Every song from their opener, Holy Water, to their encore, Live It Well, Float, and Dare You to Move was sung with spirit. One of their encore songs, Live It Well, was performed with Relient K, Switchfoot’s opener. I could feel the fluidity between the bands making it seem as if they have a relationship off the stage as well.

Switchfoot has made more than just music over the course of their career. They have formed relationships, reached out to the public, and from what I can tell, maintain humble throughout it all. Making music since their 1997 debut album “The Best Yet” all the way to their 2016 album “Where The Light Shines Through” Switchfoot is a dedicated band and loves what they do.

Apologies to Switchfoot and their publicist, the very patient Rebecca Kovach, for the delay in publishing these photos and the review!!

Review and photos by Samara Walker

All photos © Samara Walker 2016

The set list included:

  • Holy Water
  • Meant to Live
  • Oh! Gravity.
  • Bull in a China Shop
  • Where the Light Shines Through
  • I Won’t Let You Go
  • Love Alone Is Worth the Fight
  • Hello Hurricane
  • If the House Burns Down Tonight
  • The Sound (John M. Perkins’ Blues) / Looking for America
  • Where I Belong


  • Float
  • Live It Well
  • Dare You to Move


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