Styx Rocks the House at Celebrity Theatre


Review and photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Danny Zelisko Presents
Venue: Celebrity Theatre
Date: Thursday February 22nd, 2018

Styx is an American Rock band from Chicago that formed in the early 70s.  Over the past 40 plus years, members have been added and left but the current line up consists of founding member James “JY” Young on lead vocals and guitars, Tommy Shaw on lead vocals and guitars, drummer Todd Sucherman, Ricky Phillips on bass, guitar and vocals and Lawrence Gowan on lead vocals and keyboards.  Another founding member, Chuck Panozzo original bassist also joined them on a couple of songs.  Over the years they have sold millions of albums and have created 5 certified Platinum albums (over 1 million sold) and 4 Gold albums.

Lawence Gowan of Styx

If ever there was a band the used the rotating round stage at the Celebrity Theatre to it full advantage, it was Styx.  Lawenrce’s spinning keyboard allowed him to be constantly redirecting it toward the audience.  Tommy, James and Ricky were constantly running around on the stage playing to different segments of the audience.  Since the audience at the Celebrity Theatre sits right at the stage, a number of fans came down the aisles and snapped selfies with the band in the background.  At times Tommy would even bend down and get into the photo with the people.

Ricky Phillips, James “J.Y.” Young of Styx

The band did 2 sets both a little over 1 hour each with a 20 minute intermission, so the audience could partake at the bars.  They started the show with “Gone, Gone, Gone” from their new album, The Mission.  They then went into their classic hit songs, “Blue Collar Man” and “The Grand Illusion”.  For the next song, “Fooling Yourself”, their original bassist Chuck Panozzo came out on stage to play and Ricky switched to his double neck guitar.  It was really nice to see Chuck still performing with the band given his physical limitations.  Throughout the show, Tommy was switching between acoustic and electric guitar.  Actually Tommy, Ricky and James were constantly switching guitars.  Prior to the song “Light Up” James asked the crowd to use their photo light.  They ended the first set with “Suite Madam Blue”.

Tommy Shaw of Styx

The second set started with “Miss America” and then moved into “Light”.  Tommy started “Crystal Ball” with an acoustic solo, then the rest of the band joined in.  Lawrence started the next song, “Khedive”, with a piano solo.  For “Come Sail Away”, Chuck rejoined the band.  At this point the crowd was standing and singing along.  When they started “Rockin’ The Paradise”, Lawrence put on a hat and stood on his keyboard while singing.  The last song of the night was the massive hit, “Renegade”.

The concert was a mixture of new material from The Mission and classic hits.  It was a sold-out show and the audience really got into it.  For a lot of the classic hits, the audience would sing along with the band and at times would be dancing along with the songs.  I have seen Styx each of the last 3 years and each show was great and really enjoyable.  If you get a chance to see them when they come to your town, it is definitely would your money and time.  Not only is the music great but the band is fun to watch.

As always, what can I say about the Celebrity Theatre.  The sound and lighting is amazing.  Also you never sit more than 75 feet from the stage so you always have a great view.  It is definitely one of the best venues in the valley to see a concert.

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2018


Styx Setlist 1:                        (Album)
Gone, Gone, Gone                   (The Mission)
Blue Collar Man                        (Pieces of Eight)
The Grand Illusion                    (The Grand Illusion)
Fooling Yourself                       (The Grand Illusion)
Lady                                       (Styx II)
Radio Silence                           (The Mission)
Lorelei                                     (Equinox)
Man In The Wilderness             (The Grand Illusion)
Light Up                                   (Equinox)
Locomotive                             (The Mission)
Suite Madam Blue                    (Equinox)

Styx Setlist 2:                       (Album)
Miss America                           (The Grand Illusion)
Light                                       (Cornerstone)
Crystal Ball                              (Crystal Ball)
Khedive                                   (The Mission)
The Outpost                            (The Mission)
Pieces Of Eight                         (Pieces of Eight)
Too Much Time On My Hands    (Paradise Theater)
Queen & Beatles Melody
Come Sail Away                      (The Grand Illusion)
Rockin’ The Paradise                (Paradise Theater)
Renegade                                (Pieces of Eight)



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