Wolfmother Brings Good Old Rock and Roll to Marquee Theater

Andrew Stockdale, lead singer, guitarist and founder of Wolfmother

Review and photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Lucky Man
Venue: Marquee Theater
Date: Friday September 21st, 2018

Andrew Stockdale, lead singer, guitarist and founder of Wolfmother

It is great to hear a band that plays straight up rock and roll.  Wolfmother is an Australian hard rock band from Sydney, New South Wales.  Its founder and current lead singer and guitarist is Andrew Stockdale.  Andrew Stockdale was joined by long time drummer Hamish Rosser, and newcomers for this tour, Katie McGurl on keyboards and Brad Heald on bass.

The band came straight out rocking us with “Dimension” from their first album.  A couple of songs later they played their Grammy awarded hit “Woman”.  By this time the crowd had a mosh pit going and some of the crowd started to crowd surf.  Personally, I would never crowd surf because someone would probably drop me on my head, but when you are young and drunk you do stuff like that.  Overall the crowd was great and really got into the music, singing along with most songs (at least all of the old songs).  Andrew was phenomenal on guitar.  Also, they got the sound correct, you could hear Andrew’s voice perfectly and the instruments were not overpowering everything.  We got over 90 minutes of great rock and roll music ending the main set with “Victorious”.  For an encore, they came back out and played “Joker & the Thief”.

Andrew Stockdale, lead singer, guitarist and founder of Wolfmother

Personally, I loved the debut album, Wolfmother.  For tonight’s show, a large majority of the songs were from that album.  It reminded me a lot of Led Zeppelin when they first came out.  However, I have just started to listen to Andrew’s newest solo album, Slipstream and I really like it.  It has a similar sound to the first album.  Another great song they played was “Victorious”.  If you have not heard it then I would highly recommend watching the official video for “Victorious” on You Tube.  It reminded me of a campy version of a Flash Gordon TV show from the 50s and I loved the guitar in the video.  Need to build me one of them.  You should really check it out on You Tube.

Probably my only disappointment was not seeing Andrew play his double neck guitar.  Otherwise the show was fantastic.  Andrew was spot on and his voice was strong and clear.  The concert was a great mix of older songs and new material from his latest album, Slipstream.  The only event that pissed me off was the idiot in front of me at the end of the show decided to be an asshole and throw his beer can or bottle on the stage and then attempt to blame me for it when security came over.  Why idiots feel they have the right to do something this stupid is beyond me.  We are all hear to hear great music and watch amazing musicians, so please just chill.

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2018, All Rights Reserved

Wolfmother Setlist:                      (Album)
Dimension                                       (Wolfmother)
Slipstream                                       (Slipstream)
Woman                                           (Wolfmother)
Gypsy Caravan                                (Victorious)
Pyramid                                           (Wolfmother)
Vagabond                                        (Wolfmother)
New Moon Rising                              (Cosmic Egg)
Colossal                                           (Wolfmother)
Apple Tree                                        (Wolfmother)
Lazy                                                (Slipstream)
White Unicorn                                  (Wolfmother)
Sweat Spot                                      (Slipstream)
The Love That You Give                    (Victorious)
Victorious                                         (Victorious)
Joker & the Thief                              (Wolfmother)

Love Gang

Love Gang Drum Kit

The middle band of the night was Love Gang.  It consists of Kam Wentworth as lead singer and guitarist, bass player Grady O’Donnell, drummer Shaun Goodwin and Leo Muñoz on keyboards.  This band confused me, I was trying to figure out if they were heavy metal or progressive metal.  At first looking at Kam with his mutton chops and mustache reminded me a lot of Lemmy of Motor Head, especially the way he had his Mic high and pointed down.  Then a couple of songs later Leo came out and started to play flute like Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull.  Also, for some reason they felt they had to crank the volume up to “11” and blast everyone.  The instruments were so loud that you could not even hear Kam as he sang.  I understand they wanted it loud, but please mix the mics so we can hear the singers.

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2018, All Rights Reserved

Good Boy Daisy

Hallie Mayes, lead singer for Good Boy Daisy
Molly Mashal and Dylinn Mayes, guitarist for Good Boy Daisy

This is young band from Scottsdale, Arizona that was the opening act for the concert tonight.  I wrote a separate review of this band so please read that review.  More photos are included in that article.


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