Coronavirus plays havoc on Concerts

Concert Crowd

It has been overt 3 months since the outbreak started in China.  It is now spread around the globe.  A number of countries have put restrictions on both travel and group events of over a certain number.  Here in the USA our government has finally realized that this is a major problem and not just a cold/flu.  The CDC today (Sunday March 15th, 2020) has issued guidelines that no more then 50 people should be at any event.  Well that will effect the concert scene.  I just had an international trip to Ecuador cancelled today that I had setup for the first of April.

So what are we to do?  Well, be safe and practice good hygiene habits and wash your hands alot.  Also, you do not need 6000 rolls of toilet paper so purchase items wisely.  Remember that eventually you will need to use everything you purchase now and some items will expire.  If you purchase 100 cans of soup, you will have to eat all of it in the next year or it will go bad.  I just visited the local grocery store to get a loaf of bread and the shelves where almost bare.  Also remember that if you are getting stuff to resale to make a huge profit, it might not work.  Amazon and Ebay have dropped peoples accounts that are attempting to do this.  One person in the midwest has over 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer that he is having a  hard time selling.  So be safe and remember that we are all in this together.

If you have tickets to an upcoming event or concert, you need to check to see if the show has been cancelled or just postponed.  If the concert is postponed, then you might have the possibility to either get a refund or keep your ticket for a future date.  Remember that if you request a refund you will probably loose all of the extra fees that were added to the ticket price.  If you hold onto the ticket to be used latter you should be able to save those fees when the new tickets are issued or you can just use the ticket you have.  Please check with the venue where you purchased the tickets or from the place you purchased the tickets.  DO NOT purchase any tickets to cancelled events from 3rd parties.

Remember this is not the band’s, the venue’s or the promoter’s fault.  It is just a bad situation for everyone.  The bands are loosing money because they have either started their tour or payed out money in the setup of the tour.  The venues will loose the revue from not hosting the events.  The promoters loose money because they have spent time setting up the events, paid for promotional ads and fliers and ticket setup and sales.

We will get though this.  Concerts will startup again and we will be able to see those bands that we love.  In the meantime just keep listening to the music you love.  If possible purchase albums/CDs of the bands you like because this helps out the bands during this rough times.

Fred Kuhlman, Editor


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