Great White Rocks the Marquee

Great White at Marquee Theatre on July 30th, 2021

Review and Photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Lucky Man ( )
Venue: Marquee Theater, Tempe, AZ ( )
Date: Friday 30 July 2021

Great White

Mitch Malloy and Mark Kendall of Great White at Marquee Theatre on July 30th, 2021

Great White is an American rock band formed in 1977 from Los Angeles, California.  Great White hit its peak in the 80s with the release of its two platinum albums, Once Bitten in 1987 followed by …Twice Shy in 1989.  The band got major airplay on MTV with their hits, “Rock Me” and “Once Bitten Twice Shy” which helped propel them to superstar status.  Over the years the band has had many highs and extreme lows.  The lowest point for the band was the fire at a concert in Rhode Island that killed 100 fans and guitarist Ty Longley.  For the next few years, Great White toured raising money for the victims of that fire.  In 2005, lead singer and founding member Jack Russell went into rehab.  The band did not reform until 2007.  However, in 2010, Jack was replaced by Jani Lane.

Great White at Marquee Theatre on July 30th, 2021

The newest incarnation of Great White now sees Mitch Malloy as the lead singer with founding band member guitarist Mark Kendall.  They are joined by long time guitarist and keyboardist Michael Lardie.  On drums is Audie Desbrow and Scott Snyder is the bass player.

They played songs from a number of their albums including Hooked, Full Circle and Psycho City.  Of course, they played their hits from Once Bitten and …Twice Shy.  They ended the night with their mega-hit song, “Once Bitten Twice Shy”.  At different time during the song, Mitch would point the mic into the crowd as we all sang along.  It seemed like the audience had a very good time at the show.  They were dancing and singing along throughout the set.

This was my first time seeing Great White, I missed them in the 80s.  However, I have seen all of their videos on MTV and a few concert videos on YouTube.  This might not be the same band from the 80s, but they put on a phenomenal show.  Gone are the pyrotechnics and we now get just pure stellar rock n roll.  If you are into 80s rock n roll, then I can recommend seeing Great White.  Check them out on both their Facebook page and their website for upcoming shows in your area.

Facebook Page:

Photos by Fred Kuhlman, All Rights Reserved

Great White Setlist:              (Album / cover)
Desert Moon                           (Hooked)
Lady Red Light                       (Once Bitten)
Can’t Shake It                         (Hooked / The Angels cover)
Big Time                                 (Full Circle)
House Of Broken Love           (…Twice Shy)
Face The Day                          (Shot in the Dark / The Angels cover)
I’m Alright                              (Full Circle)
The Angel Song                      (…Twice Shy)
Mista Bone                              (…Twice Shy)
Big Goodbye                          (Psycho City)
Save Your Love                      (Once Bitten)
Rock Me                                 (Once Bitten)
Once Bitten Twice Shy           (…Twice Shy / Ian Hunter cover)


When I think of Jerome, Arizona I envision an old mining town, hippy artist village, haunted hotel, cowboys and country music.  The last thing I think of is rock n roll.  Well, the times they are a changing.  Out of Jerome comes a fantastic rock n roll band, Doubleblind.  It consists of lead singer Trecia Taylor, guitarist Roy Sandoval, bass player Noah Pfeffer and drummer John Westcott.  They are nothing fancy, just straight up rock & roll.  They were one of the local Arizona bands that played original music (not a cover band) at tonight’s concert.  Overall, I was very impressed by Doubleblind.  They had a fresh clean sound and the lyrics were very good.  In my opinion their best song was “Snake Charmer”, where Trecia swayed with the music and expressed her emotions with her arms and hands like some old-time carnival snake charmer.  I would like to see them as part of the Battle of the Bands that is currently going on here in the Phoenix area.  I believe that they are that good.  If you get a chance to see them, I would highly recommend it.  You can check them out on their Facebook page.

Facebook Page:

Photos by Fred Kuhlman, All Rights Reserved

Doubleblind Setlist:
Hey God
Far too Far
Sometimes Maybe
Super Spreader
Concrete Heaven
Snake Charmer

Sweet Mess

Sweet Mess at Marquee Theatre on 30 July 2021

Sweet Mess is billed as the “Ultimate Tribute to Female Rockers”.  The band consists of lead singer Sylvie, guitarist William Pierce, bass player Mikki 7ven and drummer Michael Hayes.  They don’t cover just one band, but a number of bands with strong female lead singers.  From the setlist below you can see the range of different female singers they covered.  Just like the bands they covered, Sylvie is the dominate figure in the band, commanding the stage as she belts out the songs.  The two songs I really felt they did an outstanding job on were the opening songs, “I Love Rock n Roll” and “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”.  Sylvie’s powerful voice and the band’s terrific playing made the songs come alive.  Please check them out on their Facebook page for upcoming concert dates.

Facebook Page:

Photos by Fred Kuhlman, All Rights Reserved

Sweet Mess Setlist:
I Love Rock n Roll
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Take Me Down
The Chain
Kiss Me Deadly
I Hate Myself

Color Of Chaos

Lance Eric and Steve Carlson of Color of Chaos at Marquee Theatre on 30 July 2021

This was my second time seeing Color of Chaos.  The first was when they opened for Stryper back in 2016.  Since then, the band has just become more refined and dynamic.  Color of Chaos consists of lead singer and guitarist Steve Carlson, bass player Lance Eric, guitarist Steve Favela and drummer Danny Ott.  Color of Chaos also played original music including a new song, “Cynical” that they are release a video for soon.  I don’t remember much about their performance 5 years ago (this last year seems like forever), but based on tonight’s performance they are awesome.  The intermix of guitars by the Steve’s, Lance’s driving baselines and the power of Danny on drums made each of the song come alive.  Overall, I was extremely impressed and would highly recommend you seeing them.  Please check them out on their Facebook page and website for more details about the band and their upcoming concert dates.

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Photos by Fred Kuhlman, All Rights Reserved

Color Of Chaos Setlist:
Eva Destruction
Simple Times
Fourtunate Son

Public Enemy #1

Public Enemy #1 at Marquee Theatre

Public Enemy #1 is not to be confused with the rap group Public Enemy.  Public Enemy #1 promotes itself as “Arizona’s Premier Motley Crue Tribute” band.  The band members go all out and even dress like the original Motley Crue band members.  Being a tribute band, they played the greatest hits of Motley Crue.  The one Motley Crue song I did miss was “Dr. Feelgood”.  They did a very good job of recreating the sound and feel of Motley Crue.  The only exception was the drummer, he was not as flamboyant and crazy as Tommy Lee (I missed the spinning drumkit).  The problem these days is that it doesn’t look like Motley Crue will be touring anytime soon.  So, if you want to see a really good band perform their music, then I would recommend you see Public Enemy #1.  You can check them out on Facebook and their  videos on their web page.

Public Enemy #1 consists of lead signer Vince Trill, lead guitarist Frankie Stiles “Mick Starzz”, bass player Peter Beck “Sykki Nixx” and drummer Terry Lewis “T-Bone”.

Facebook page:

Photos by Fred Kuhlman, All Rights Reserved

Public Enemy #1 Setlist:
Looks That Kill
Piece of Your Action
Ten Seconds to Love
Shout at The Devil
Louder Than Hell
Same Ol’ Situation
Don’t Go Away Mad
Girls, Girls, Girls
Wild Side


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