Come See 60s pop music legends Felix Cavaliere and Mick Dolenz at Celebrity Theatre on October 23rd.


Growing up in the 60s, we got to listen to some very fine pop music.  Band like the Beatles, Kinks and the Rolling Stones were part of the first British invasion.  Here in the USA we had our own set of bands that included the Rascals (also known as Young Rascals) and of course The Monkees.

Felix Cavaleire is the keyboardist and lead singer of the Rascals.  With hits like “Good Lovin'”, “Groovin'”, “How Can I Be Sure?”, and “People Got To Be Free” you will be pulled back to your youth.

If you grow up in the 60s, there were always 2 shows you had to see that drove your parent nuts.  The first was Batman and the second was The Monkees.  The Monkees were a band created to compete with the Beatles and the British wave of bands.  Every week the band would be put into crazy situations.  But the best part of the show was when they would sing one of there songs.  Unfortunately, only Micky Dolenz is still with us.

I have seen both Micky and Felix before and both put on a great show.  It will be a night of just fun music and maybe a few stories.  Come join us and you will be transported back to the 60s and be able to find your groove again.  Make sure you wear your bell bottom jeans and tie-died tee-shirt.


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