Denver-based quintet HRZN gear up for first round of national tour dates

Photo Credit: Morgan Elizabeth

By Val Tapia, BADS Contributing Writer

I imagine life must be pretty exciting for alt-punk band HRZN. Comprised of lead vocalist Morgan Elizabeth, Julian Argabrite and Craig Pappas (guitars), Brandon Lee (bass), and Patrick Pinawin (drums), the up-and-coming quintet is commencing its first tour dates outside their home state of Colorado, hot off the heels of their new single Death Row.

Formed in 2020 by longtime friends Elizabeth and Argabrite, they eventually completed the quintet via, of all things… Craigslist? Hey, whatever it takes I suppose— more power to them!

“Yes, we found each other through Craigslist“, Elizabeth said with a laugh during a recent phone chat. “Julian and I had been friends earlier on, and then when the pandemic hit we formed the band and started writing songs.”

She continued. “As awful as the last three years have been for everybody, we were fortunate that we were able to gain something positive out of it. Overall, that “downtime” was surprisingly very productive for us.”

Given that HRZN is (for all intents and purposes) a new band, I asked Elizabeth to cite some of the band’s musical influences.

“All of us in the band have many different musical influences”, Elizabeth stated proudly. “Growing up I listened to Kelly Clarkson and Paramore. I remember going with my parents to see (the late) B.B. King …which was amazing. I can’t say I really “understood” his music, given that I was so young. But I definitely loved it” she remembered fondly.

“The guys in the band are also inspired by many forms of music. From punk of course, to funk and also jazz. Somehow all this music unifies us as a band, while hopefully creating a sound that’s ours as well.”

In addition to HRZN’s spring tour dates, Elizabeth said that the band is also looking to 2024, when they hope to have their “second” full-length album ready to go. Their first album, 2022’s Deathwish, was released under the moniker Gunpoint Alibi.

As to what fans can expect when they hit the road for the first time from May 25 to June 3?

“I really hope they feel a sense of community at our shows. We’re proud to spread our message of inclusivity and acceptance among our fans, and we can’t wait to share our music with them in a live setting.”


HRZN w/ special guests Ring Finger No Pinky, KRXS, and Another Days Demons are scheduled to perform at Yucca Tap Room in Tempe THIS Sunday May 28.

Doors open at 8:00 p.m. Show starts at 9:00 p.m. NO COVER!


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