Nickelback’s Get Rollin’ Tour Heats Up The Summer


Review and Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana
Venue: Footprint Center (
Date:  Sunday July 12, 2023
Tour: Get Rollin’ Tour

People swarmed into the footprint center not only to escape the scorching heat but to experience an amazing night of music. Nickelback’s Get Rollin Tour was about to commence. 

The first artist of the night was Josh Ross. Josh Ross is originally from Ontario, Canada but made the moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2019. The audience cheered as he came on to the stage. Everyone was excited to watch his performance. Ross was energetic and moved about the stage. He opened his set with “Tall Boys”. After the song ended he addressed the audience and introduced his second song of the night, “Before I Loved You”. The fans cheered with excitement and sang along. Everyone really enjoyed his set and he was the perfect opener to start out this incredible night. 

Josh Ross

Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana, All Rights Reserved

Fans kept cramming in to find their seats. The next artists to hit the stage was none other than Brantley Gilbert. Gilbert is a singer/producer/writer from Jefferson, Georgia. The house and stage lights went dark and secretly the band came onto the stage one by one. The audience screamed louder as they realized the band was about to start performing. Gilbert opened up his set with “Kick It in the Sticks”. Everyone stood up and began to sing along. Fire then erupted from the sides of the platform the drums sat on. Gilbert played the guitar while he serenaded the audience with his performance. The audience went ballistic when he began to perform “Dirt Road Anthem”.

Everyone could be heard singing along word for word. Even people in the hallways sang along, myself included! He moved around on the stage giving everyone a fair view of him so all angles of the venue could view him. Gilbert then made a joke about why did they invite a redneck on this tour and the audience cheered! Gilbert then began to tease the audience with Korn’s song “Blind” but then went into Godsmack’s “Whatever”. He then did a cover of Collective Soul’s song “Shine”. He closed out his set with “Read Me My Rights”. Fans applauded his performance as he left the stage, everyone was full of endorphins ready to keep the night going.

Brantley Gilbert

Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana, All Rights Reserved

The final act of the night was Nickelback! Nickelback is a rock group that formed in Hanna, Alberta, Canada. Their lineup is formed by Chad Kroeger-lead vocals/lead guitar, Ryan Peake-rhythm guitar/backing vocals/keyboards, Mike Kroeger-bass and Daniel Adair-drums/percussion/backing vocals.

Their set opened up with a highway chase on the the monitors resulting in a truck “crashing” through! The platform the drums were set on looked like the the front of a truck. The audience screamed their heads off! The band came out and opened up their set with “San Quentin”. Everyone jumped to their feet and began to sing and dance along! After their first song Kroeger said “You guys are the loudest! We were hanging out back stage and holy shit! You guys want to sing!” The crowed cheered! Kroeger continued “I’m Just blown away! It’s electric! Every time we go backstage the crew is like holy crap! I gotta catch up! I see everyone drinking beers and I’m fucking jealous!” Then the band all receive a drink. Kroeger then announces to the audience “it smells like jagger bombs are on the menu tonight!” Everyone cheered as the band took a shot with them. Everyone was having an ecstatic time!

Kroger then heads back to the microphone and says “We should play a song that if we released it today would probably get us canceled but then again they’ve been trying to cancel us for 20 years and it hasn’t happened”. They played “Figured You Out” off their 2003 album The Long Road. The band brought out a t-shirt cannon, everyone was fighting for the shirt that landed in their sections.

Kroeger be an to talk to the audience again and he said “It’s crowds like you who make me wanna do this for the rest of my fuckin’ life”! The audience cheered so loud you could probably hear it from outside the venue and they began to play “Hero”, the song featured in Spider-Man. 

After the song ended Kroeger and Peake made a dad joke about a mandolin and how it’s a guitar that came out of the dryer and then they went into a Mandalorian reference saying this is the way and played a new song called “High Time” off their newest album called Get Rollin’.

Nickelback brought out Josh Ross and Brantley Gilbert for their song “Copperhead Road”. Everybody clapped and cheered throughout the whole night. They even brought a fan onstage to sing “Rockstar” with them. Overall Nickelback is a fun band to watch live. They interact with. Their audience so much that the big arena show feels like an intimate dive bar show. They really make their fans feel special and appreciated. 


Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana, All Rights Reserved


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