“If you’ll Be My Dixie Chicken, I’ll Be Your Tennessee Man” – Crowd at Celebrity Theatre Boogied the Night Away with Little Feat

Little Feat concert at Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ on August 3rd, 2023

Review and Photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: Danny Zelisko Presents (https://www.dannyzeliskopresents.com/ )
Venue: Celebrity Theatre (https://celebritytheatre.com/ )
Date:  Thursday August 3rd, 2023
Tour:  Boogie Your Summer Away Tour 2023

There are some concerts that are just plain fun.  When you are at the show, you have a desire to dance in the aisles with the music.  Most of the concerts that I have attended that are like this are mostly New Orleans style brass bands.  However, there were 2 great bands from the 70s that also generate this feeling and joy, The Grateful Dead (Dead & Co.) and Little Feat.

I would like to again recognize Danny Zelisko Presents (DZP), Celebrity Theatre and both the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Little Feat for the signed guitar that was auction off to aid St. Mary’s Food Bank.  For each dollar raised by this auction, St. Mary’s Food Bank can provide 5 meals.  It is great to see these people and bands wanting to give back to the community.  Special thanks to the people that bid on the guitar and the winner.  If you plan on going to a concert promoted by DZP at the Celebrity Theatre, you might want to bid on your favorite band’s signed guitar if available.

People, please let’s chill when we are at concerts.  If you don’t like the band, leave or go to the bathroom.  Please don’t throw stuff at the band or people in the audience.  We all pay good money to see the bands and are not here to be your punching bag or trash can.  And the performers definitely don’t deserve this treatment.  And if there is an issue with your tickets and seating, please mellow out and let the ushers help straighten it out.

Little Feat

Little Feat concert at Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ on August 3rd, 2023

Little Feat is an American funk/rock band from Los Angeles that was formed in 1969.  The original band was formed by Lowell George and Bill Payne.  Due to creative differences, the band broke up in the late 70s prior to George’s death.  The remaining band members reformed the band in 1987 and have been together since.  The current members are, keyboardist Bill Payne, Sam Clayton on congas and percussion, bass player Kenny Gradney, drummer Tony Leone, guitarist Scott Sharrard and Fred Tackett on guitar, mandolin & trumpet.  All of the members took turned singing.

Probably the most know and popular songs by Little Feat are “Willin’”, “Fat Man In The Bathtub”, “Time Loves a Hero”, Dixie Chicken” and “Feats Don’t Fail Me Know”.  When they performed these songs, a large part of the crowd was standing and most were dancing.  There were 2 different sections of the venue where a large number of people were dancing to every song.

Little Feat concert at Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ on August 3rd, 2023

After almost 2 hours both the band and the audience seemed to be spent.  The band put everything into their performance and we the audience also reciprocated by singing along to our favorite songs and dancing.  The crowd went crazy dancing and singing when the band performed, “Dixie Chicken”.  This was one of the most fun shows I have been to this year.  It was great listening to the boogie/jazz/southern rock music.  If you want to just have a fun time at a concert, then I would recommend going to see Little Feat.

Little Feat social media:
Website: https://www.littlefeat.net/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LittleFeat
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/littlefeat_official/
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/LittleFeatArchive

Photos by Fred Kuhlman 2023, All Rights Reserved

Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Dirty Dozen Brass Band concert at Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ on August 3rd, 2023

First up for the night was a New Orleans band called the Dirty Dozen Brass Band.  Actually, there were only 7 band members, 5 in the brass section, drummer and guitar player.  I have seen a few New Orleans bands and I can tell you that the Dirty Dozen Brass Band was one of the best.  They incorporated funk and bebop into the traditional New Orleans jazz style.  It was just fun to listen to them and it made you want to get up and dance.

The current members are Roger Lewis on Baritone Sax/Vocals, Gregory Davis on Trumpet/Vocals, Kirk Joseph on Sousaphone, Trevarri Huff-Boone on Tenor Sax/Vocals, Stephen Walker on Trombone/Vocals, drummer Julian Addison and guitarist Takeshi Shimmura.

If you get the chance to see them while they are either touring or if you get to see them in New Orleans, I would highly recommend it.  They will be on tour for the rest of the year.  I bet it would especially be wild to see them in New Orleans where they can really pull on all of the great funk/jazz vibe of the Quarter.  The Dirty Dozen Brass Band is currently touring the USA and you can find out if they are coming to a city near you by going to their website.

Dirty Dozen Brass Band social Media:
Website:  https://dirtydozenbrassband.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/dirtydozenbrassband
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dirtydozenbrassband/

Photos by Fred Kuhlman 2023, All Rights Reserved

Little Feat Setlist:                               (Album / Cover)
Hate to Lose your Lovin                     (Let It Roll)
Fat Man In The Bathtub                      (Dixie Chicken)
Oh Atlanta                                           (Feats Don’t Fail Me Now)
Honest Man                                         (Lowell George cover)
Cat Fever                                             (Sailin’ Shoes)
Texas Rose Café                                 (Sailin’ Shoes)
Trouble                                                (Sailin’ Shoes)
Willin’                                                 (Little Feat)
On Your Way Down                           (Allen Toussaint cover)
Two Trains                                          (Dixie Chicken)
Time Love a Hero                               (Time Loves a Hero)
The Fan                                               (Feats Don’t Fail Me Now)
Mellow Down Easy                            (Little Walter cover)
Rock and Roll Doctor                         (Feats Don’t Fail Me Now)
Dixie Chicken/Tripe Face Boogie      (Dixie Chicken/Sailin’ Shoes)
Spanish Moon                                     (Feats Don’t Fail Me Now)
Let If Roll                                           (Let It Roll)
Feats Don’t Fail Me Now                   (Feats Don’t Fail Me Now)


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