The Mosh Pit Comes Alive with Nile at The Nile Theater

Nile at The Nile Theater on February 12, 2022

Review and Photos by Fred Kuhlman
Promoter: 13th Floor Entertainment ( )
Venue: The Nile Theater ( )
Date:  Saturday February 12th, 2022
Tour:  The Age of Vile Divinities US Tour 2022

I have been at a number of metal shows over the past 7 years and usually the mosh pit is fairly self-contained.  You typically on run into trouble if you are on the fringe of the pit or are a willing participant in the pit.  However, tonight there seemed to be one idiot that decided to see if he could inflict pain on anyone either in the pit or standing and watching the band.  It was the first band and first song and not a lot of people were at the front of the venue by the stage.  I was moving around attempting to get photos of each member of the band.  I was over on stage right photographing one of the guitarists.  All of a sudden, I get punched in the back by this idiot.  He was the only person trying to start the mosh pit and he decided he need to hit people to get the pit started.  I was not the only one he hit.  Normally I would not care, but this idiot hit me so hard that I almost had to leave the show.  I was in a lot of pain and could only shoot a couple of songs for each band the rest of the night.  People, if you want to be part of the mosh pit, please be aware of the other people at the show that just want to enjoy it.  We are all there to have a good time.

The Nile Theater has now become the second main venue for a lot of metal bands coming the greater Phoenix area and is the hottest venue for 13th Floor Entertainment.  It is located in downtown Mesa, AZ and is a small venue with a flat floor.  Currently they don’t have a pit area sectioned off so the fans can get right up to the stage.  I figure this might change in the future to add a little barrier between the fans and the band.  A lot of bands love the fans being right at the stage, but then they have to worry about the crowd surfers ending up on the stage or someone grabbing at one of the band members.  I have seen some bands allow the crowd surfers to end up on stage and then gracefully leave.  Tonight, I saw the only crowd surfer get push back by the band into the crowd.


Nile at The Nile Theater on February 12, 2022

As a twist of fate or just a giant pun, Nile was playing at The Nile Theater tonight.  Nile is a Death Metal band from Greenville, South Carolina, USA.  It was formed in 1993.  Their music has themes inspired by Egyptology and the works of H.P. Lovecraft.  The band consists of guitarist Karl Sanders, drummer George Kollias, bass player and lead singer Brad Parris.  Brian Kingsland is not currently touring with them due to the arrival of his new son.  We all wish him, his wife and their new son all of the best.  So, they were joined on this tour by guitarist Scott Eames.

Nile at The Nile Theater on February 12, 2022

This is the second time I have seen Nile.  Both times they have been sensational.  I really love how they bring the lyrics of mythology and H.P. Lovecraft into metal.  Brad Parris is an extremely powerful singer and he can really power out the bassline that infuses into each song.  Add the power driving and crushing rhythm of George Kollias on drums and you have a perfect death metal heart pounding sound and groove that underlies each song and can drive the audience into a frenzy, especially the people in the mosh pit.  I did miss the guitar work of Brian Kingsland, but Scott Eames stepped in and was a perfect mix for the band.  Together Karl and Scott on guitars added the spark that took the songs to an even higher level with their rhythm and power riffs.  I understand that Nile is not one of the premier Death Metal bands, but in my opinion, they should be among the elite of the genre.

If you are into Death Metal, then I highly recommend listening to and seeing Nile.  They are a great band to see live.  To see if Nile is coming to a location near you, please check out their website or Facebook page for upcoming tour dates.  They also have merchandise available on their website.  Here again I would like to put in a pitch for you to purchase merchandise from the bands at the shows.  This allows the bands to continue to tour.

Facebook Page:

Photos by Fred Kuhlman, All Rights Reserved

Nile Setlist:                             (Album)
Sacrifice Unto Sebek              (Annihilation of the Wicked)
Defiling the Gates of Ishtar    (Black Seeds of Vengeance)
Kafir!                                      (Those Whom the Gods Detest)
Call to Destruction                  (What Should Not Be Unearthed)
Long Shadows of Dread         (Vile Nilotic Rites)
In The Name of Amun            (What Should Not Be Unearthed)
The Fiends Who Come to Steal the Magick of the Deceased
(At the Gate of Sethu)
Vile Nilotic Rites                    (Vile Nilotic Rites)
Snake Pit Mating Frenzy        (Vile Nilotic Rites)
The Howling of the Jinn         (Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka)
Sarcophagus                            (In Their Darkened Shrines)
4th Arra of Dagon                    (Those Whom the Gods Detest)
Black Seeds of Vengeance     (Black Seeds of Vengeance)


Incantation at The Nile Theater, Mesa, AZ on February 12th, 2022

Based on the tee-shirts in the crowd, a number of people were here to see Incantation.  They were one of the original Death Metal bands from New York City.  They were founded by John McEntee and Paul Ledney in 1989.  Paul Ledney has left the band and John McEntee has moved over to lead singer and rhythm guitarist.  He is joined by Kyle Severn on drums, Chuck Sherwood on bass and lead guitarist Luke Shively.  In their 30-year history they have produced 11 studio albums including their latest Sect of Vile Divinities released during the pandemic in 2020.  From the banner and drum head images, this tour, The Age of Vile Divinities US Tour 2022 is to promote this latest album.

Tonight’s performance show why they are one of the founding members of the Death Metal scene here in the US.  They were extremely performance was extremely tight and powerful.  With the driving power and groove of Kyle and Chuck with John and Luke providing the electrifying licks on guitar, this band knows how to deliver a great death metal experience.  I understand that Incantation was not the headliner for this show, but damn, they should be the next time they are in town.

You can find tour dates and location on either their website or Facebook page.  Their website also has links for merchandise including their latest album.

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Photos by Fred Kuhlman, All Rights Reserved


Sanguisugabogg at THe Nile Theater, Mesa, AZ on February 12th, 2022

The second band up was the band with the impossible name to both spell and pronounce, Sanguisugabogg.  They are a Death Metal band out of Columbus, Ohio.  Their lyrics convey Gore, Drugs, Perversion, Anti-authority in true Death Metal fashion.  The band correctly consists of lead singer Devin Swank, bass player Ced Davis, Cody Davidson on drums and guitarist Drew Arnold.

One of the unique things about Sanguisugabogg is that they are just a straight up metal band.  As they have previous said, “A lot of people will call us a caveman band because we don’t have solos or leads. I don’t think we ever will!”

To find out more about Sanguisugabogg you can check out both their website and Facebook page.  They also have their upcoming tour locations and dates listed.

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Photos by Fred Kuhlman, All Rights Reserved

I Am

I AM at The Nile Theater, Mesa, AZ on February 12th, 2022

The first band up tonight was new comer to the Death Metal scene is a band out of Texas called I AM.  The band consists of lead singer Andrew Hileman, guitarists Tom Reyes and Jayson Braffett with bass player Austin Loughmiller and Ian Scott on drums.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember a lot from this band.  I was attempting to recover from being punched in the back at the beginning of their set.  However, from the reaction of the crowd, they seemed to really like I AM.  Hopefully the next time I see them I will be able to fully appreciate their performance.

You can check them out on their Facebook page and find out if they are coming to a venue near you.

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Photos by Fred Kuhlman, All Rights Reserved


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